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  • Live Action reveals Planned Parenthood’s 2005 cover-up of the rape of an 11-year-old girl who didn’t want her parents to know. The girl’s letter was posted as a “testimonial” to PP’s help in a time of need, but was removed due to negative publicity. LA has the archive and screen shot.

  • Vital Signs exposes Planned Parenthood for the Greater Rochester and Syracuse Region’sSafer Sex Party” fund raiser – including an aphrodisiac bar, burlesque shows, and hors d’oeuvres – for $50 admission. Proceeds go to – what else? – “sexual education for young people.”
  • Alex at ProLifeNZ notes NZ’s apparent concern that some methods of Down Syndrome screening could have a detrimental effect on mothers and their babies (even resulting in “unnecessary death”) while expressing no concern that 90% of babies diagnosed with DS are aborted – unnecessarily.
  • The Passionate Pro-Lifer reports abortionist Savita Ginde, director of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood, drove her car aggressively at regular sidewalk counselor Ken Scott, which surveillance cameras later revealed when Ginde asked police to ticket Scott.
  • Albert Mohler writes that this week, the Obama administration “revoked nearly all of the conscience protections put in place by the administration of President George W. Bush.”
  • SecularProLife follows the story of a terminally ill Canadian infant whose family wants a tracheotomy performed so he can spend his final days at home. The hospital, an example of socialized medicine, planned to instead remove life support, but most likely due to media attention, baby Joseph may now be transferred to a hospital in Michigan for the tracheotomy.
  • At NRO, Michael J. New shares his thoughts on the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson.
  • Wesley J. Smith reacts to Frances Kissling’s Washington Post editorial.
  • Star Studded Super Step follows the story of a lawyer who is standing for the unborn child of a mother who is a meth addict.
  • Stand for Life takes on pro-life “exceptions” such as, “Why should the unborn pay for the crime that the rapist committed? Can a 3-year old that was a product of rape be killed if he reminds his mother of the rapist?” and others. They also share a video from Choices4Life, founded by Juda Myers, who was conceived as a result of rape:

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