Thumbnail image for blog buzz.jpgby Susie Allen, host of the blog, Pro-Life in TN

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  • Pro-Life Action League points out how bad the abortion industry and MSM have appeared in recent days by attempting to justify the behavior of PP’s Amy “Waist up” Woodruff.

  • Albert Mohler notes Ms. Magazine’s contradictory stance against sex-selection abortions in India while demanding unfettered abortion access in the US.
  • ProLifeBlogs features a SaveLivesOnline article addressing media bias and the MSM’s ability to “spin” a story to give the desired, erroneous message to the public (as in the recent case of NPR regarding Live Action’s PP stings).
  • Accepting Abundance discusses the “Pro LifeFacebook group of over 75k members and the opportunity it affords for open debate.
  • Suzy B reports 3 senators (Casey, Nelson and Manchin – all Democrats) failed to vote for repeal of Obamacare, despite their claims to be pro-life.
  • Scott from Life Training Institute challenges the claim that a desire to live must be present for a being to have a right to life, noting Christopher Kaczor’s recent statement:If Buddhists are right that the Buddha as well as other spiritual masters have reached a state of Nirvana–no longer desiring anything whatsoever and even extinguishing the capacity for desire – then either such mystics are no longer persons or having desires is no longer necessary for personhood.
  • Secular Pro Life writes about the now-removed “forcible rape” language in the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion bill.
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