Infamous late-term abortionist arrested in OxyContin sting

In 2005 he was the abortionist on call when beautiful Baby Rowan was tragically aborted alive in James Pendergraft’s Orlando late-term abortion mill.

His father is Broward County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper.

And on February 23, Dr. Harry Perper was arrested in an OxyContin sting. According to WSVN:

The son of a prominent medical examiner has been arrested in connection with the crackdown on pill mills in South Florida.

It was a big surprise for everybody inside the Delray Pain Management Clinic Wednesday.

Armed agents from the DEA task force closed it up and hauled everybody inside outside. Among them, 49-year-old Dr. Zvi Harrey Perper, the son of Broward County’s medical examiner.

Carmel Cafiero: “Authorities say Dr. Perper is 22nd on the list of doctors prescribing oxycodone nationwide.”

He was arrested and charged with racketeering and trafficking in oxycodone – charges that carry a possible penalty of 490 years in prison.

Finally, some semblance of justice. More from the Los Angeles Times:

… Perper was led out in handcuffs and beige medical scrubs and escorted to a police car. One of many reporters watching the raid shouted a question, asking Perper if he thought this day would ever come.

“No,” he said, refusing to comment further. Perper began working at the pain clinic after he was fined $10,000 by the state in 2008 for a botched abortion in Orlando, according to state records.

Here’s video of this despicable man’s arrest…

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11 thoughts on “Infamous late-term abortionist arrested in OxyContin sting”

  1. It upsets me that he can be arrested for drugs, but not for killing large numbers of children.


  2. Joe, I really don’t care how they get taken down; Capone was busted for tax evasion when he was making all that money from prostitution and booze.  Someone who is willing to profit from one immoral activity will most likely be performing more than just the one.
    Arthur, quibbling over the word large is rather pointless.  He performed abortions, even getting punished for botching one (How’s that for safe and legal?), and now the Feds have nailed him for dealing drugs.  And no, there is no difference in my mind between Harry’s selling rich folks pain meds and the thug on the corner offering dime bags to the crowd.
    No matter how many abortions he did, he is scum, and hopefully he can find God in the pen.


  3. So grateful for the arrest of this murderer. May the Lord see fit to incarcerate Pendergraft & all child-killers, for the rest of their natural lives.


  4. To start with Mr. Pepper sounds like one of those ” also ran ” doctors who used to get their education and training in nameless medical schools south of the boarder. He wasn’t much of a doctor if all he could do was perform abortions and perscribe mind numbing drugs.


  5. I saw Arthur’s post earlier this morning but now it’s gone.  I assume he was a drive-by troll.   What he meant was that the pre-born and newborn are not children at all, I think.  He also put a drive-by comment on another thread either this morning or last night.

    That being said, wasn’t it a drug scandal that nabbed Kermit Gosnell?  I wonder what new things we’ll learn about THIS guy that our friendly abortion groups have been hiding for him.


  6. Arthur is a troll using the names Charles, Arthur, Tony, etc. I wouldn’t say he’s “drive by.” He’s been hanging around for a while now.


  7. I guess his comments seemed ‘drive by’ because they were just short insults.
    I can’t even imagine what people like that think they are accomplishing.


  8. I was going to comment on Perper the perp’s name, but Ken beat me to it. It is a suitable name for him, though.
    I guess I should not laugh, but it is interesting. The name might have been what led him to it, as it is a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy.
    Glad to see that he was arrested, though. No more child-killing or drug dealing for him.
    Linus, yes Perper is a bad “doctor”, but working at a pain clinic means doing more than prescribing pain medication. It also means diagnosing pain, helping people cope with pain, and researching new ways of managing pain. It was the fact that Perper wrote bogus prescriptions for oxycodone (known by the brand name of Oxycontin) and sold it directly on the street that he got in trouble. Oxycodone itself is not illegal, just controlled by the government. Therefore it needs to have a triplicate form (one for the doctor, one for the pharmacy, and one for the government) and be distributed by the pharmacy for the person it is prescribed to, just as amphetamine salts (Adderall), hydrocodone (Vicodin), methylphenidate (Ritalin), etc. have to. Therefore, prescribing it too often (generally more than once a month) for the same patients can get a doctor in trouble.


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