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  • Paul Pauker on Jonathon Alter’s advice column to pro-lifers:

    First, Alter admits the “best” available studies are from the Guttmacher Institute, a pro-abortion organization that was founded as a division of Planned Parenthood. No conflict of interest there.

    Second, Alter falsely assumes the 600k women a year who get birth control from PP wouldn’t have anywhere else to get birth control. He then falsely assumes PP is the reason 600k women a year end up not getting pregnant. He completes his argument with the ridiculous claim that PP prevents a few hundred thousand abortions a year, a claim based on his own false assumptions. You’re a gem, Alter.

  • Andrew Green of Lubbock provides an unintentionally hilarious letter to the editor:

    I am neither for nor against abortion. As a man, it’s inherently difficult and asinine to take one side over another. But given the context surrounding the recent act passed by Texas lawmakers, I would like to take a stand and steadfastly defend the rights of women to choose the prosperity or demise of their future by having the choice to abort a pregnancy if unplanned or unexpected.

    I’m neither for or against abortion but then I’ll use a lot of words to say that I’m for abortion.

  • An IL court is set to hear motions on Friday regarding a battery lawsuit against the Hope Clinic for Women abortion mill in Granite City (pictured left):

    Plaintiff Brandy Hildreth is seeking damages in excess of $1.4M and other relief in the suit.

    Hope Clinic for Women, its director Sally Burgess, staffers Clara Dixon, Debra Weihardt, Anne Baker, Denise Caldwell, Dr. Allen Palmer, Dr. Melissa Gilliam, Dr. Lisa Memmel and the University of Chicago Medical Center are all named as defendants in the suit.

    Hildreth claims she was battered by Memmel and misled by the clinic staff as to whom would perform her 2008 abortion. That misrepresentation, she alleges, caused her emotional distress….

    Memmel and several of the other defendants in the suit have filed motions asking for summary judgment in the suit.

    In those moves, the defendants contend that Hildreth was aware that Memmel, a graduate student in a program through the Chicago medical center, would perform the procedure and that she did not object to Memmel performing the abortion.

  • A study by Greek researchers found that adult stem cells can help prevent multiple sclerosis (MS) from progressing:

    An average of 11 years after their transplants, 25% of the patients in Greece have not seen their disease progress, the researchers report.

    Among patients with active lesions on MRI scans before their transplants, indicating that they were in an inflammatory phase of the disease, 44% have not progressed.

    Only 10% of patients who went into the study without evidence of ongoing inflammation were able to remain disease free.

[Hope Clinic photo via smallvictoriesusa.com]

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