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  • The Pinellas chapter of NOW has a new strategy to stop pro-life legislation:

    The Pinellas National Organization for Women opened their monthly meeting with a firm stance on abortion.

    “If they ban abortion, we’re going on strike. No sex,” said Peggy Goodale, of Pinellas Park.

  • Freya-Grace Barrett was born at 23 weeks and weighed only 13 ounces. Now, 8 months later she’s going home with her family. Her twin Mollie, died shortly after birth:

    In the months after Mollie’s tragic death, Freya-Grace endured 9 blood transfusions, a plasma transfusion, and a heart valve operation at Singleton Hospital, in Swansea.

    She still needs a constant oxygen supply to help strengthen her lungs, but doctors are hopeful she will go on to lead a normal life…. 

    Controversy has been raging after it emerged many hospitals leave babies born before 24 weeks to die because they only have a 2% chance of survival.

    Just last week, Tracy Godwin, 31, of Southend, Essex, told how doctors would not resuscitate her son born at 22 weeks. Mrs Barrett, who became pregnant after IVF treatment, said: “I’m infuriated. Just look into Freya-Grace’s eyes then ask whether treating 23-week babies is a waste of money.”


  • In Australia, a woman lost her child after her water broke and she waited 5 hours in an emergency room for a room to become available.

[Photo via bbc.co.uk]

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