Need proof that the ground game to defund Planned Parenthood is effective? Within hours after a pro-life coalition announced the launch yesterday of a $90,000 television ad campaign targeting PP, liberal Huffington Post published a rebuttal.

The ad campaign, cosponsored by American Values, Catholic Advocate,, and Susan B. Anthony List, will run in the DC market March 29 through April 7 and features former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson.  Here ’tis:


The ad directs viewers to for more info.

HuffPo’s Laura Bassett complained:

PP spokesman Tait Sye called Johnson’s charge “entirely false and baseless.”…

Among the misleading statements in the SBA commercial, according to Sye, is the claim, made in voiceover, that “98 percent of [PP’s] services to pregnant women are abortions.”

“They’re discounting all of the preventative care we provide,” Sye said. “They’re looking at the number of abortions compared to adoption referrals to come up with that number.”

Note that Sye, yet another male PP spokesman I also note, didn’t dispute the fact that 98% of pregnant mothers who walk into PP walk out aborted.

Sye just wanted pro-lifers to tout a talking point even pro-aborts dispute: that pushing contraception prevents abortions. Guttmacher reported that a majority – 54% to be exact – of aborting mothers were using contraceptives the month they got pregnant.

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