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  • Moral Outcry shows you really can legislate morality, according to a report from US News. Though the morality of the individual may not change because of legislation, pro-life laws do indeed curb abortion rates.

  • Fletcher Armstrong takes issue with the News Sentinel in Knoxville, TN, which erroneously stated Planned Parenthood clinics there do not do abortions, while PP Knoxville’s website lists chemical abortion services. PP is currently embroiled in a controversy with Knoxville parents for their role in providing explicit sex ed to high school students and for promoting websites that “[tell] 13-year-old children that they might be ready for sex if they ‘trust each other,’ ‘care about each other,’ and ‘have fun together.'”
  • 40 Days for Life acknowledges the importance of men showing a prayerful presence at abortion clinics.

  • American Life League writes about the resourcefulness of the Houston Coalition for Life, which formed a mobile pregnancy resource center when Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast opened a mega-abortuary (pictured left) “in a place with no nearby available space for pro-lifers to rent, buy or build a crisis pregnancy center.”
  • Culture Campaign reports pro-lifers in MD will no longer be shackled and strip-searched by law enforcement when exercising their First Amendment rights.
  • Andy Moore of ProLifeNZ writes at Bryan Kemper’s blog on a recent abortion debate in Nova Scotia, in which pro-abortion, pro-infanticide Dr. Mark Mercer enraged pro-aborts by “argu[ing] that there is nothing ethically troubling about abortion, at one point suggesting that a baby isn’t a ‘person’ until around 18 months of age.” But wasn’t Mercer simply being consistent?
  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life calls out a journalist for shoddy reporting on the embryonic stem cell debate. This skewed reporting on ESCR seems to be a regular occurrence in the MSM. Is it simply ignorance, or is it deliberate?

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