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  • Moral Outcry reports on the increasingly hostile societal attitudes toward disabled children, and the belief that children with Down Syndrome are better off institutionalized – or aborted – than placed with loving adoptive families.

  • Barbara at MommyLife shares a friend’s story about her son, Austin, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at 2 weeks of age.

  • SuzyB notes the increasing trend of denying life-saving support to babies born before 23 weeks:

    Not only do these guidelines hand over the power of life and death to medical professionals, but they undermine the value of any and all lives deemed not worth saving.

    To deny treatment to a newborn baby on the basis of a guess or a statistic that the baby’s life will be difficult is tantamount to saying that disabled life is no life at all.

  • Julie Grimstad at ALL discusses “physician orders for life-sustaining treatment,” or “POLST,” the latest protocols in the right-to-die movement designed to “limit the use of life-saving technology, life-sustaining treatment and even ordinary care, such as the provision of food and water,” primarily for those in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Deborah Mullan at ProWomanProLife reflects on the post-feminist/post-Pill generation’s gradual shift in values regarding modesty and sex for their daughters’ generation.
  • Coming Home describes Planned Parenthood’s assault on our public health and on the innocence of our children through explicit sex education and misinformation.
  • At Bryan Kemper’s blog, Andy Moore points out the prevalence of pro-abortion violence (rarely reported in the MSM), concluding pro-aborts frequently “resort to verbal and physical abuse” because “they are frustrated, and [are] ultimately unable to combat our consistent presentation of truth and science.”

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