Even I am shocked by the advances pro-lifers have been making on the legislative front since January. It has been amazing. I can’t keep up with the volume of innovative bills wending their way through the system.

But I’ve been a little surprised by the other side’s somewhat muted response to our onslaught. I’m used to pro-aborts running around like their collective hair is on fire even when things are going their way. I would think they’d be calling Code Red right about now. Rather, they’ve been subdued lately.

I’ve wondered, do they not notice what’s going on, the massive pro-life turn of events? Are they in denial? Or are they not wanting to give us the satisfaction of admitting they have a real crisis on their hands?

Oh sure, the fundraising emails always make it appear so. But what about the pro-aborts on the street, the writers, the bloggers? Why haven’t they hit the panic button on their keyboards about our energy and new found sense of unstoppability?

Dont’ get me wrong. I expect and have seen some of our attempts indeed stopped.

But there is something new in the air, an attitudinal shift. Something has changed. Throughout the years abortion proponents have enjoyed the upper hand, generally speaking. But it appears that, for this moment in time at least, we pro-lifers are enjoying a major bull run. Were I in pro-abort shoes, I’d be freaking out, depressed, demoralized.

Today, finally, someone on their side addressed the funk. But Kaitlyn at the Abortion Gang blog called it “complacency.” Would that this were true. I wish. It would be great to think the other side is simply oblivious to our major advances. But I suspect what we’re really seeing is a “deer in the headlights” reaction. They’re overwhelmed.

Whatever, here’s Kaitlyn’s assessment of the situation, bold highlights hers. I’m omitting the ad hominem attacks…

For weeks there was a virtual onslaught of antichoice activity related to or coming directly out of every major social and cultural institution in the United States, reinforced by similar activities worldwide. Policy was being pushed through the state and federal level to put the rights of fetuses over the rights of women, to criminalize abortion in every way legally possible….

Institutionalized racism was playing an insidious role, calling the decisions of black and African American women to have abortions a “genocide” and also managing, somehow, to compare these choices to the historical horrors of slavery.

On top of these full frontal assaults, the anti-choice movement was also insidiously chipping away at the foundations of the women’s health movement….

These have not been the best of times.

Yet, for the last two weeks or so, I would put the number of terrifying stories and developments regarding women’s health and choice in this country at about average, which is to say, “quite a few, but not so many that it feels like an hourly onslaught from which we may never recover.” And that quiet is dangerous….

I’m calling this our Western Front. This is not the time for complacency – this is the time to evaluate the situation, assess our needs, re-group, and make decisions about how to move forward. I admit to taking a week off myself. I was exhausted and burned out, and the thought of staying angry seemed like it might require too much energy. But I slept in for a few days, had some coffee, and got back up to lace up my combat boots. I ask you to do the same. Because I assure you, the anti-choice movement, despite its protestations, is every bit as prepared and well-funded as we are, and in some cases, better prepared and better funded, and their roots in the religious structure of this nation go too deep to be untangled. In other words, whatever fights they lost this round, they will be back to fight again.

Of course we never have been and never will be as well-funded as pro-aborts are, they having abortion profits to spend. Nevertheless, at the end of her last paragraph Kaitlyn unknowingly paraphrased Scripture, which I’m sure would horrify her. And that is Proverbs 24:16, quoting the Message Translation:

No matter how many times you trip them up, God-loyal people don’t stay down long; Soon they’re up on their feet…

Kaitlyn will definitely not like the end of that verse:

… while the wicked end up flat on their faces.

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