They even stole the Pampers. Click all photos to enlarge.

Chris Slattery, founder and president of EMC Frontline Pregnancy Care Centers, a group of 12 pccs located throughout the New York City area, told he thought it was likely “drug addicts seeking some quick cash” who burglarized and vandalized EMC’s South Bronx location last night.

Not so fast. With Slattery and EMC at the center of the opposition against NYC’s recently passed hostile law forcing pccs to post signage that they do not commit abortions, my first thought was the vandals were hostile pro-aborts. Would run-of-the-mill ne’er do wells go so far as to tear up the floors?

I think not. Seems to me someone(s) wanted to render EMC South Bronx inoperable. Slattery wrote in an email the thugs “shattered windows, stole all of our audio visual equipment, destroyed displays and supplies, tore up the ceiling, doors, and floor.   They even broke into our supply closet and stole our Pampers.”

Slattery reported staff is already starting to pick up the pieces. Obviously EMC could use donations, and quick.

In other news, Slattery reported he has hired Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law and Justice and will make “a major announcement tomorrow about our fight to save the life centers in New York.” is reporting, as expected, Slattery will sue NYC to overturn the aforementioned law as a violation of free speech. Indeed, a US District  Court agreed in January that a similar Baltimore law was unconstitutional.

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