A new Rasmussen poll affirms what Gallup last year called “the new normal.” Conducted March 7-8, the survey of 1,000 people found that 44% of Americans consider themselves pro-life while only 42% say they’re pro-choice. (13% are undecided.)

The poll had many other positive findings, but here’s the one I’d like to discuss:

67% of Democrats say they are pro-choice, while the same percentage of Republicans (67%) regard themselves as pro-life. Adults not affiliated with either major political party are evenly divided.

If the percentage of support for and against abortion is exactly the same in both parties, and Independents are equally split on it, why do we only hear complaints that Republicans should avoid the abortion issue because it is “controversial”? Why is there no talk on the Democrat side that it should avoid the abortion issue for the same reason?

The answer? Obviously, pro-aborts are pushing this fraudulent line, trying to get Republican politicians to back away from abortion while encouraging (threatening) Democrats to maintain strong support.

How stupid are Republican politicians if they continue to wimp out on the abortion issue due to the false fear it will make them unpopular. If they do they will win no new friends, only lose old ones.

Why does MSM never ponder whether Democrats should back away from abortion? Why does no Democrat ever wonder aloud whether the abortion issue is politically damaging?

Pro-lifers must continue to demand that defunding Planned Parenthood is a nonnegotiable. As pro-life hero Congressman Mike Pence so eloquently stated on the House floor March 10, “It’s time to pick a fight.”…


[HT: Live Action blog]

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