Although I believe it was just as wrong for Scott Roeder to murder late-term abortionist George Tiller (pictured right) as it was wrong for Tiller to murder preborn babies, the fact is that abortions have plunged in Kansas in the wake of Tiller’s death. According to the Wichita Eagle on March 31:

Mid- to late-term abortion in KS has declined from about 300 per year to only one in 2010, following the 2009 murder of Wichita abortion provider George Tiller, who specialized in late-term procedures.

According to state records, the one abortion that took place after 22 weeks in 2010 was because the fetus was diagnosed with anencephaly, a fatal condition in which most of the brain – and frequently the skull and scalp surrounding it – fails to develop.

On a wider scale, according to the Wichita Eagle on March 30:

The KS Dept. of Health and Environment released preliminary figures Tuesday that showed 8,338 abortions last year, 12% less than in 2009, and 32% less than in 2000. One possible reason for last year’s decline is the May 2009 killing of physician George Tiller, whose Wichita clinic was known for performing late-term procedures and remains closed.

Meanwhile, I received the following update on Roeder. This was written by someone who visits him who I don’t know, although some of the information is corroborated on Wiki

Scott Roeder has been moved to a medium security facility in Lansing, KS. He is able to go outdoors, work with an animal training program, apply for a minimum wage job, and be out of his cell for hours a day….

This happened such a short time after Scott was transferred from the infamous El Dorado maximum security prison, where he was in his cell 23 hours a day, could only shower twice a week – escorted and chained, got to go outside only 1 hour in a space the size of a dog run, and was harassed by unsympathetic guards….

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