You’ve likely seen a new ad on our home page, as showcased above, with a link to

The ad is sponsored by Secular ProLife, which plans to launch a new website called in November.  At present the group is seeking donations from the pro-life community to help.

Kelsey Hazzard of SPL explained to me via email: has been around for 2 years, networking and blogging and spreading our message. We feel we’re finally in a position where we can directly serve women in crisis pregnancies….

A team of 9 pro-life activists – primarily students, some who’ve worked with SPL in the past and others who haven’t – will be doing research on abortion malpractice cases…. We’ll compile information from news reports, court documents, health authority rulings, etc., enlisting the help of local pro-life activists….

The website will be very user-friendly, allowing women to search by the name of the abortionist, the name of the abortion facility, and by state. Each entry will provide a narrative summary of the abortionist’s misdeeds, and link to source documents…. The site will also contain a page that goes into more detail about abortion risks and alternatives.

Kelsey adds, “The underlying assumption is that if women actually knew what some of these abortionists had in their pasts, they’d have to be crazy to keep their appointment!”

Please donate. ($5000 is needed to make this important website a reality.) This video features endorsers explaining the value of the project:


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