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4/1, 2:18p: Actress Patricia Heaton is best known for her role as Debra Barone on Everybody Loves Raymond.

But Heaton is also a rare pro-lifer in the liberal Hollywood community, currently functioning as the honorary chairperson of Feminists for Life.

Now Heaton is trying to help some of the most vulnerable to abortion, children with Down syndrome. It is estimated that 90% of babies with DS are aborted.

On March 29 Heaton threw her support behind Reece’s Rainbow, an international Down syndrome orphan ministry that provides adoption grants, advocacy, and birth family support for children with DS.

On her Facebook page Heaton wrote she will donate $10,000 to Reece’s Rainbow once it reaches 10,000 Twitter followers:

I know there can be big pitfalls to social media, but I will be forever grateful to the tweeter who alerted me to the work of Reece’s Rainbow. I clicked on a link to see the faces of those little neglected angels who have passed on, and immediately started weeping. It was so heartbreaking. Sometimes we feel helpless in the face of such horror, but because of the example of Andrea Roberts, we see that, with a lot of hard work and perseverance, there is something we can do.

Between work and family, I don’t have a lot of time. But I do have financial means and a public profile. God charges us to use our circumstances, whatever they may be, to share His love with the world. I had just hit the 10,000 mark for Twitter followers, and the idea hit me – give $10,000 dollars – one dollar for every “Tweaton” who follows Reece’s Rainbow. Accomplish supporting this great organization along with spreading awareness. So far, in a few hours, RR has about 500 new followers, and I hope many more to come.

I am involved in supporting various charitable organizations, but I have recently been asking God to show me where he wants me to be. I think Reece’s Rainbow is an answer to that prayer. These kids have had very few people to be their voice, but Andrea Roberts has changed all that. I am so grateful to be a part of her work.

I just became Reece’s Rainbow’s 6,911th Twitter follower. Hope you’ll join me.

[Heaton photo via Facebook]

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