I’ve written before that before Lila Rose came Mark Crutcher.

In 2002 Crutcher’s organization, Life Dynamics, conducted a comprehensive sting of every Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation clinic in the U.S.

Placing phone calls from Texas, where it is legal for one party to tape conversations without another’s knowledge, an actress portraying a 13-yr-old who had been impregnated by her 22-yr-old “boyfriend” told clinics she needed an abortion to keep her parents from finding out they were sexually involved.

In all, the actress spoke with staff at 813 PP or NAF clinics in all 50 states. Adult sex with underage children is illegal in every state, and PP and NAF clinics are mandated reporters. Yet an appalling 91% of all clinics contacted expressed a willingness to help cover up the statutory rape.

Until yesterday only a select few of those audiotapes had ever been released to the public.

But due to vast public interest in the topic of underage rape cover-up at abortion mills, particularly PPs,  has decided to release them all. The home page for access is ChildPredator.com. Get background info at “Understanding the Tapes,” and then have at it with audiotapes and transcripts from PP and NAF abortion mills in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

I asked Mark why the delay in releasing the tapes?

“We released some and not others because I didn’t want them to know everything we had,” Mark told me via telephone. “I was trying to get them to litigate.”

Mark said he called them “every name I could” to get PP and/or NAF to sue for slander, including “illegal nationwide pedophile protection ring.”

Had PP or NAF sued, Mark could have gotten information from and about them through the discovery process. “But they know that and will never sue,” he said. “I’ve finally given up on the the idea.”

As I said, there is damaging, never before heard corroboration that the abortion mill likely in your own backyard is willing to aid and abet pedophiles. So make the most of them.

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