web grab.jpgby JivinJ, host of the blog, JivinJehoshaphat

  • Politico notes that John Boehner seems to be putting a large emphasis on defunding Planned Parenthood:

    But all signs are that Speaker John Boehner is making the PP funding cutoff a higher priority in the negotiations than the 9 House-passed riders that defund all or part of the health care law. It’s not that he has given up on the defunding riders – it’s just that PP seems to be higher on his list.

  • Jake Tapper also notes Planned Parenthood funding seems to be the major sticking point in budget negotiations:

    Democratic sources tell ABC News that things “feel better now” in terms of a deal being cut, but the major sticking point remains the GOP rider prohibiting any federal funding to Planned Parenthood or any of its affiliates.

  • A federal lawsuit has been filed against Angel Dillard for allegedly sending a threatening letter to abortionist Mila Means, who is attempting to open an abortion business in Wichita. Here’s a PDF of the letter. Here’s a portion of the documentary, “What’s the Matter with Kansas” featuring Dillard:


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