National Right to Life announced April 11 it had elected a new president, Carol Tobias (right), to replace Wanda Franz.

I have no allegiance to either individual. But I did think it somewhat classless and disrespectful for NRLC not to officially thank Franz for her 20+ years of service in what must certainly have been a difficult job, which in its press release and online statement it did not.

NRLC’s snub of Franz on her way out the door was an unnecessary give-away that the transition wasn’t peaceful. NRLC raised curiosity when it didn’t have to.

I reached out to both Franz and NRLC for a response and got a gracious “no comment” from the former and no return call from the latter. Franz did post an explanation on Facebook but later removed it, so out of respect for her I won’t repost it.

Nevertheless, I did gain insight on the dynamics in play from multiple sources close to the situation. But less said is best. NRLC has made a big directional change, no matter how clumsily, and hopefully it will be for the better.

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