by Andy Moore

Thursday, April 7, is World Health Day, hosted by the World Health Organization. The New Zealand network of pro-life bloggers has decided to take this opportunity to create a “blogswarm” with the theme, “Abortion is not Health Care“. As one of these NZ bloggers, I’m asking pro-life bloggers around the World to join us in writing a brief post outlining what should be painfully clear – killing preborn children is anything but health care. Other ways to participate:

    • Use Twitter hashtag #WorldHealthDay along with other usual tags such as #abortion, #prochoice, #prolife.
    • Comment on this post on The A Word blog to have your article added to the list.
    • Share your article, or articles on the list all around Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.

    The timing is particularly relevant considering that Planned Parenthood is currently fighting tooth and nail, claiming that abortion is in fact, health care.

    The WHO is “the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda…” The WHO’s position on abortion is quite clear. From a 2005 World Health Day press release innocuously titled , “WHO report calls for new approach to save lives of mothers and children”:

    More than 18 million induced abortions each year are performed by people lacking the necessary skills or in an environment lacking the minimal medical standards, or both, and are therefore unsafe. As a consequence, 68,000 women a year die.

    Not to minimize these mothers losing their lives, but crunching the numbers means 264 pre-born babies and one mother die for each of these “unsafe abortions.”

    The lie that abortion will liberate women has been perpetrated for far too long. The deception that a wider availability of abortions will lead to a decrease in maternal mortality is getting tired. That is why this World Health Day we’re calling for pro-life bloggers all around the world to take this opportunity to collaborate in raising awareness to the truth about abortion – that it is not genuine health care. Mothers in crisis pregnancy situations don’t need abortions, they need support.

    [Image via Georgia RTL]

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