Wow, if only…

Reader Keela forwarded me those amazing ads. I checked and they are part of a campaign launched by the Chilean government earlier this month to support and strengthen families called “Chile Crece Contigo,” or “Chile Grows with You.”

According to Sarah Crawford at TX Right to Life in a March 11 article spotlighting Chile for being given the 1st ever International Protect Life Award by the International Protect Life Committee of the United Nations:

Chile was commended for being Latin America’s most Pro-Life nation, as well as having the lowest maternal mortality rate in Latin America….

Abortion in Chile is illegal without exception and in a 2009 poll, 67% of Chileans identified themselves as Pro-Life….

The “Chile Crece Contigo” campaign is centered on the mother and the availability of pre-natal care throughout the pregnancy.  The program is also in place to help the child from the moment of fertilization through the first few years after birth.  It also promotes awareness that an unborn child is to be considered a member of the family and deserves necessary protection and care….

Abortion was legalized in Chile in the 1930s. That decision was overturned in 1967 and gave constitutional rights to the unborn children of Chile….

President [Sebastián] Piñera (pictured right) is well-known for his support of the unborn, and in an article in L’Osservatore Romano on March 3rd, the same day Piñera met with Pope Benedict XIV, he again stood up for life saying that “[Chile’s] democracy protects human rights, especially the right to Life from conception to natural death.”…

This is all encouraging news for many reasons, not the least of which is that here we see an example of an abortion-free country that promotes good prenatal care and is – as logic would anticipate – healthier and safer for pregnant mothers.

Also, we see in Chile yet another country, like Poland, that has overturned legalized abortion and been better for it.