UPDATE 2:46p: Even the New York Times agrees pro-aborts could only muster “hundreds” of supporters yesterday.

[HT: moderator Gerard]

10:22a: I didn’t take these pictures.

United Press International did.

The top photo is of angry NARAL prez Nancy Keenan. The 2nd is of angry actor Ed Harris.

Above is angry Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, and below is angry US Sen. Frank Lautenberg of NJ.

Together, all were very angry that American taxpayers just might stop funding the United States’ largest abortion provider as well as abortions of primarily black women in the District of Columbia.

Speaking of blacks, the only ones to be seen were used props on stage. Otherwise, the Pepto pink crowd was lily white. Go ahead, click to enlarge…

And about the size of the crowd, don’t let that deftly shot NARAL photo fool you. For weeks NARAL, PP, and NOW had banded together to try to get a mere 5,000 pro-aborts to show up to their rally. Actually, NARAL reported a whopping 36 organizations pooled their people.

And for all that, AFP reported only “several hundred” showed.  National Right to Life was more generous to report the pro-aborts ultimately numbered “a thousand or so.” 

No surprise, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice tweeted a number far higher…

… but RCRC’s math doesn’t work. 4,000 ÷ 250 = 16. Pro-abort lobby groups divided into gangs of 16 to lobby congresspersons? Sounds improbable, either that or quite a waste of people power. Reports from them suggest the former.

Meanwhile, they whined about the lack of news coverage. Too bad, so sad. We get 1,000x their attendance and get snubbed.

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