Long-time friend of this blog, Lauren, has done something brilliant. She has animated an actual conversation pro-lifers had with pro-abort Kat on the “Stanek weekend question: Have you ever been pro-choice?” post. Brilliant because a cartoon puts the ridiculous conversation in much clearer perspective…

GoAnimate.com: Kat. by p7446

Actual excerpted comments:

Kat: If you are Prolife, fine, don’t have one but the lies and deceit  used in your campaign against Women’s Rights are apalling. Everything from fake pictures, unproven medical studies to debunked franken science. Every single situation is different, you cannot judge what you personally are not involved in….

Kat: Samantha, Bethany is full of it. Her stock photos are from the internet and the first picture is a CHICKEN fetus, LOL PROLIFE FAIL with their lies….

Bethany: Kat, a little education for you. This is a chicken fetus:

This is a human embryo (an actual stock image):

Kat: Bethany, Well we’ve already established that you are a fake with your fake CHICKEN embryo picures…. An embryo, which 90% abortions consist of is not a “child”…. The Milachi baby used in many prolife sites and protest signs was a still born baby in a lab. It was originally in a jar of formaldehyde. They took the baby out, let it rot for a few days and took pictures of it. Prolife are disgusting like that….

Lauren: Kat… I know that you would like to think that abortion just “removes” a “clump of cells” but that isn’t the case. Go look at any biology text….

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