2 years ago was the meeting where I received my copy of the new NAF textbook. For fun, I decided to pretend it was my high school yearbook and to ask all of the authors and editors at the meeting to sign its covers.

Dr. Tiller was the only non-author or editor whom I asked to sign my textbook, because he meant so much to me that I wanted him to sign it anyway. He drew a heart with an arrow through it and wrote, ” My history is written on your heart. Your importance is written in the souls of the women you have helped. George R. Tiller 4/27/09

… I think about Dr. Tiller and the many things he taught me every day. I quote him and I’ve played excerpts from his speeches… when speaking to medical students, so that they also can learn from and be inspired by Dr. Tiller’s words and his work.

~Dr. Eleanor Drey, recipient of the 2011 George Tiller, MD, Abortion Provider Award from Physicians for Reproductive Choice, RH Reality Check, May 26

[Photo via pslweb.org]

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