by Andy Moore

I was really excited when, a few months back, Jill told me about the idea for Pro-Life Planet and asked if I would like to be involved.

I was excited because it has long been my opinion that the pro-life movement desperately needs to go global. 4,000 pre-born babies are ripped apart and thrown into the trash everyday in the US. But we cannot ever forget that 120,000 pre-born babies are likewise brutally murdered every day throughout the world.

The purpose of PLP is to build community and become a melting pot for ideas. PLP does not seek to replace existing US and International pro-life initiatives. Rather we seek to bring them together, increasing our effectiveness. PLP comes at a time when pro-life battles in countries all around the world are picking up. We are on the winning side – and not only this, but we are currently winning.

Supporting abortion is so last century – being “pro-choice” is not as cool as it once was. Legal child-killing will once again become unthinkable – in my generation. Momentum is building.

Here’s the lowdown on the project.

PLP is the realization of the shared dream of Jill, who you all know, and Tim, the brains behind I will function as website administrator, and Kelli, Jill’s excellent administrative assistant, will take on a broader administrative role at PLP.

Abortion is the name given to a global war on the preborn. While it is crucial that each of us works to end abortion in our community, we can also do more to work with each other and strengthen the movement on a global scale. It was the desire to provide a medium for this cross-border collaboration that gave birth to the vision for PLP.

What will Pro-Life Planet do that is not currently being done? will advance the International pro-life movement by establishing a hub for both U.S. and International pro-life bloggers and new media innovators, making it easier for all of us to access information. The U.S. pro-life movement has much experience and many resources of value to the rest of the world, and vice versa.

The possibilities for this exciting, new, cutting edge development in the global pro-life movement are literally endless – limited only by your support and involvement!

PLP will open up pathways and possibilities that have until now been closed. This new website will provide an outlet for US and International pro-life news and opinion that would otherwise be overlooked or misrepresented by the mainstream media, and even stifled by oppressive governments.

Excellent breaking articles from the top pro-life bloggers on this planet will be featured (by excerpts linking back to their home page) alongside a myriad of new blogs authored by pro-lifers – you?! – publishing on their own PLP-hosted blog. Integrating by way of our social networking feature, members will be free to share news, advertise pro-life resources and job opportunities, and even connect with other pro-life singles!

Two things you should do now:

  1. Encourage US and International pro-life friends to join (“like”) our Facebook page:
  2. Connect with us! Let us know your area of expertise and how you would like to assist us in getting the site live ASAP!

We’re getting closer to an official launch! In the meantime stay tuned to the Facebook page for regular updates.

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