Bring on a Pro-Life Planet!

by Andy Moore

I was really excited when, a few months back, Jill told me about the idea for Pro-Life Planet and asked if I would like to be involved.

I was excited because it has long been my opinion that the pro-life movement desperately needs to go global. 4,000 pre-born babies are ripped apart and thrown into the trash everyday in the US. But we cannot ever forget that 120,000 pre-born babies are likewise brutally murdered every day throughout the world.

The purpose of PLP is to build community and become a melting pot for ideas. PLP does not seek to replace existing US and International pro-life initiatives. Rather we seek to bring them together, increasing our effectiveness. PLP comes at a time when pro-life battles in countries all around the world are picking up. We are on the winning side – and not only this, but we are currently winning.

Supporting abortion is so last century – being “pro-choice” is not as cool as it once was. Legal child-killing will once again become unthinkable – in my generation. Momentum is building.

Here’s the lowdown on the project.

PLP is the realization of the shared dream of Jill, who you all know, and Tim, the brains behind I will function as website administrator, and Kelli, Jill’s excellent administrative assistant, will take on a broader administrative role at PLP.

Abortion is the name given to a global war on the preborn. While it is crucial that each of us works to end abortion in our community, we can also do more to work with each other and strengthen the movement on a global scale. It was the desire to provide a medium for this cross-border collaboration that gave birth to the vision for PLP.

What will Pro-Life Planet do that is not currently being done? will advance the International pro-life movement by establishing a hub for both U.S. and International pro-life bloggers and new media innovators, making it easier for all of us to access information. The U.S. pro-life movement has much experience and many resources of value to the rest of the world, and vice versa.

The possibilities for this exciting, new, cutting edge development in the global pro-life movement are literally endless – limited only by your support and involvement!

PLP will open up pathways and possibilities that have until now been closed. This new website will provide an outlet for US and International pro-life news and opinion that would otherwise be overlooked or misrepresented by the mainstream media, and even stifled by oppressive governments.

Excellent breaking articles from the top pro-life bloggers on this planet will be featured (by excerpts linking back to their home page) alongside a myriad of new blogs authored by pro-lifers – you?! – publishing on their own PLP-hosted blog. Integrating by way of our social networking feature, members will be free to share news, advertise pro-life resources and job opportunities, and even connect with other pro-life singles!

Two things you should do now:

  1. Encourage US and International pro-life friends to join (“like”) our Facebook page:
  2. Connect with us! Let us know your area of expertise and how you would like to assist us in getting the site live ASAP!

We’re getting closer to an official launch! In the meantime stay tuned to the Facebook page for regular updates.

28 thoughts on “Bring on a Pro-Life Planet!”

  1. I have a question. If someone is caught having an abortion in a country where abortion is totally or nearly totally illegal, what is the actual offence they are generally charged with?


  2. I’m not sure what they do to those who violate the no abortion laws but in India those physicians who are caught using ultrasounds as a tool to perform abortions based on a childs gender, part of the punishment is they go in and render the piece of equipment useless. I think government should be run by the people not the government running people but in this case I think it’s wonderful that they’re saying no you don’t get to kill baby girls because your ignorant and would rather a baby boy. And there holding people with higher intellects accountable which is something you don’t see too often. O.K. so I’m realizing now your question had nothing to do with crime and punishment but just wanted the name of the offence. Good question but I don’t know the answer.


  3. @Reality – Here in Ireland abortion is illegal. As far as I’m aware there have been no cases of illegal abortions taking place, but that’s mainly because the UK, which has some of the Europe’s most liberal abortion laws is on our doorstep.

    The government have, however interviened in the past. In 1993 a young rape victim was prevented from leaving Ireland after her family informed the authorities her reason for travelling to England was to obtain an abortion.

    Her family took the government to court, and she miscarried before the resulting referendum was held. Although neither she, nor the family were prosecuted, she was prevented from travelling.

    It is now legal to travel to obtain an aborttion in certain circumstances, but the reality is this is un-policed. Indeed, had the family of the 1993 ‘X’ case not informed the authorities of their intentions, then she would never have been stopped. 

    It has recently been announced that the number of women travelling to the UK for abortions has fallen for the 9th year in a row, and the number of Irish children lost to abortions overseas has fallen by 34% since 2002. Northern Ireland, where abortions are illegal, but the right to travel for an abortion is un-restriced has the lowest abortion rate in Europe.


  4. @Reality – sorry, I mis-read your question. That waffle didn’t answer it. Here (ireland) if you were to have an abortion both the mother and the abortionist would be guilty of commiting an “offence against the person”

    This Act covers many things including assault, rape and murder. As human life is recognized by law from the moment of conception, I would hazard a guess that murder would be the charge.

    The irish ban on abortion, and the recognition of full human rights from the moment of conception was implemented  by a referendum in 1982. Subsequent referendums in 1993 and 2002 all upheld the the wish of Irish people to keep abortion illegal. A 2010 Mori Opinion Poll AND a 2011 Red C Opinion poll BOTH showed that 68% of Irish voters are in favour of maintaining the constitutional protection of the unborn.

    In the 2011 general election the two main political parties confirmed their opposition to legalizing abortion, with only the small Labour Party having an openly ‘Pro-Abortion’ policy.


  5. @Ed: But it was such interesting waffle! ;)
    Honestly, I find the Irish pro-life movement so very inspiring.  You have not only eliminated abortion from your country, but you are proactive in keeping it that way.  I only hope that the US can follow your example.  I think I’m going to wear my shamrock bracelet today for you.


  6. “The vision of LIFE is to multiply healthy, Christ-centered life-giving ministries wherever abortion exists”

    Good luck with liberal western Europe which is very secular. But what about Israel, Muslim countries, Buddhist countries, and secular China? Somehow I don’t think that these areas will be receptive to “Christ-centered” ministries.  

    “Honestly, I find the Irish pro-life movement so very inspiring. You have not only eliminated abortion from your country, but you are proactive in keeping it that way”

    England and Spain, where Irish girls have been getting their abortions for years, are only a short ferry ride or plane flight away. (Northern Ireland is a drive away) While the Catholic church holds power (not as much after the scandals) it is not relevant in Britain and no longer a power broker in Spain. Despite the prohibition, Irish women get abortions. Of course, those with some money are at an advantage while poorer Irish women, who are unable to get an abortion, have another baby and remain in poverty. Nice.


  7. “4,000 pre-born babies are ripped apart and thrown into the trash everyday in the US. But we cannot ever forget that 120,000 pre-born babies are likewise brutally murdered every day throughout the world.”

    We are on the winning side – and not only this, but we are currently winning.”

    The Lone Ranger and his faithful companion Tonto were surrounded by tens of thousand of angry indigenous people/aboriginals/native americans.

    Lone Ranger says to Tonto, “I don’t see how we are going to escape.”

    Tonto replies, “Where do you get this ‘we’……paleface?”

    Each of the 124,000 pre-natal humnas who die each day and even the survivors are asking:

    ‘Where did do you get this ‘we‘? 

    I  suggest you re-consider your metric for determining victory.

    The survivors of the Jewish holocaust are not chest bumping, doing high fives and making victory laps because they dodged the bullet. They are grieving the loss of millions of their brethren.

    But to be fair, from the ‘glass is half full’ perspective, there are still more children born alive than there are children murdered en utero.


  8. “The survivors of the Jewish holocaust are not chest bumping, doing high fives and making victory laps because they dodged the bullet. They are grieving the loss of millions of their brethren.”

    And they are offended by the comparison of abortion to the Shoah. But you know that. BTW, Ken, you said you are Jewish. Which tradition were you raised in? Or were you raised as a secular Jew?  Did your parents accept your conversion to fundamentalist Christianity?


  9. But what about Israel, Muslim countries, Buddhist countries, and secular China? Somehow I don’t think that these areas will be receptive to “Christ-centered” ministries.
    Apparently, you’re unaware of past and present Christian missions efforts there, which have been largely successful.
    Historically, Christianity tends to thrive where there is the greatest persecution.


  10. I’m all for a prolife planet, but let’s also work towards ensuring that these babies have good medical care, educational opportunties, nutritious food, and clean water to drink!


  11. CC says: May 28, 2011 at 12:08 pm
    1. And they are offended by the comparison of abortion to the Shoah. But you know that. BTW, Ken, you said you are Jewish. 

    2. Which tradition were you raised in?

    3. Or were you raised as a secular Jew? 

    4. Did your parents accept your coversion to fundamentalist Christianity?



    1. I know that not all Jews are offended and the ones who are probably member of the ‘dead babies r us’ posse. There may be some Jews who are so short sighted that they will not see undeniable similarities. Some Jews are opposed to pre-natal homicide whether or not they practice the tenets of Judaism.

    2. Your  free ‘education’ is showing again.

    Judaism is a religion. Jewishness is an ethnicity. One can be Jewish without practicing Judaism. One can practice Judaism without being Jewish. My ‘Jewishness’ derives from my mothers side of the family, who in the ‘old country’, were Bloomingthols.

    3. The first ‘christians’ were almost exclusively Jews who practiced Judaism. Both of my parents and their parents parents are all christians. I was raised in a family who for generations are folllowers of Jesus/Yeshua the Christ/Messiah.

    4. Yes, with great enthusiasm. They continue to rejoice and all those who came before them rejoice, a great crowd of witnesses, exhuberantly cheering me on.

    Mazletov and avoy Maria!


  12. Way to go ken!

    CC, what makes you the person who can comment on someone’s Jewishness or their ability to speak about Jews when you’re not even Jewish yourself?  You’ve certainly never stated yourself to be anything but a lapsed Catholic.

    On the other hand, you may be a Blumenthal from way back and just never mentioned it.

    Wouldn’t it be funny if you and ken were related?


  13. Wonder if Ken is related to Max Blumenthal, the author of Republican Gommorah, who is a liberal journalist who writes for “The Nation.”


  14. @CC – just to correct you, abortion is illegal in both the Republic and Northern Ireland. Even though N.Ireland is part of the UK, abortion remains illegal there, No legal abortions take place in Ireland – North or South.


  15. @Alice Irelands prolife laws are under constant attack from Europe. Poland, a country which is moving towards aa ban on abortion is experiencing the same thing. There are many groups here in Ireland working to ensure that the pro-life laws that were voted in by the people in 3 different referendums are respected.

    Im part of the LGBT Pro-Life Alliance, and we’ve been surprised at the support we’ve recieved from the gay community here. I think that underlines the fact that contary to popular belief, Ireland ban on abortion is bourne out of concern for human rights, not from our Catholic heritage.


  16. CC

    This is in response to your 11:43 a.m. post:
    I’m not sure if you believe some of this stuff you post or just have heard it somewhere else and repeat it. I’m going to pretend for a moment that you actually care about what happens to Irish women who are facing economically challenging times. How can you or anyone else predict that a woman facing economically challenging times will remain in poverty. It’s impossible to predict that. You have no way of predicting that and to do so is just wrong. Having said that I was my mothers 8th child. We’re six and she lost two. I did grow up economically disadvantaged and in the process have learned a lot about people. I find your words to be very hurtful. God had to show me this. The way he did it was I was going to attempt to do some research and in the process ran across a site called newspaper archives. This is after reading your last sentence on the post. Not even realizing the impact of your words on my spirit. But my God who loves me and unborn babies was good enough to show me I matter. My first thought when I seen the newspaper archives was that I could find my birth announcement. And that made me very happy. How do they read in such and such a year a baby girl was born to and the name of my parents. Who are you are anyone else to tell anyone that because there is a chance they might grew up in God forbid poverty that there better off killed in their mothers womb. You have no right. None, zilch, nada. You don’t get to decide who gets to be born and who doesn’t. But thank you for trying or I would never have ran across that site and would never have had an opportunity to have healed that place in my spirit caused by attitudes such as your own. Bless your soul CC and may you experience more healing in the coming years than most people experience in a lifetime. Thank you for your ignorance because it helped me.


  17. “Here in Ireland abortion is illegal” – well almost.
    “You have not only eliminated abortion from your country” – by exporting it.
    “I only hope that the US can follow your example.” – what, by exporting it to canada and mexico or other places?


  18. Great post Myrtle!  

    Like I often tell my children: “You have something to learn from everyone. The only thing that some people will teach you though is what you don’t want to become.”


  19. @Reality – We don’t “export” abortion, and there’s nothing “almost legal” about it. It’s illegal to have an abortion in Ireland – no two ways about it. The Irish authorities have no juristriction on what Irish people do while in the UK. 

    Cannabis is also illegal here, but many people go to Holland to take advantage of their liberal drugs laws, by your logic we’re also “exporting” cannabis.

    If your solution to the fact that Irish women can still access abortion in England is to legalise abortion in Ireland then you show a complete lack of respect for the vast majority of Irish people who have voted not once, not twice but three times since 1982 to keep abortion illegal.

    On average there is an abortion referendum every 10 years, the pro-choice lobby want to legislate on abortion WITHOUT consulting the people through a referendum because every opinion poll shows that they will once again be defeated.

    The Irish constitution cannot be changed without consultation of the people – ie a majority referendum vote, so our abortion laws, unlike Americas or the UK are decided by the people directly, and in 2011, with Church attendance at an all time low, some 20 years after contraception and divorce became legal, in the year when gay marriage became legal, still 68% of Irish voters want to keep abortion out of Ireland, the pro-abortion lobby are not pushing for a referendum because they know they’ll lose.You cant call your self pro-choice if you’re not going to respect the choice of the people.

    That was more waffle – my original point is that no, we do not export abortion – we dont allow it here and we dont want it here. We have no control over British law.


  20. “It’s illegal to have an abortion in Ireland – no two ways about it” – from the info I’ve found that’s not quite what the law says.
    People leave Ireland with a fetus and come back without one. People leave Ireland not in possession of cannabis and return not in possession of cannibis (unless they’re a bit silly). I see a difference.


  21.  “from the info I’ve found that’s not quite what the law says.”

    I’m afraid that’s exactly what the law says, so whatever you’re reading you’re mistaken.

    The Irish constitution states:
    “The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

    Furthermore, the Irish Medical Council, which is the independent regulatory body recognises the right to life from the moment of conception and does not allow for it’s members to perform abortions. Any practicing doctor must be registared with the Council and are bound by its code of practice.

    Even without the constitutional ban on abortion, doctors wouldn’t be allowed to perform one without a change in the IMC’s code of practice. It’s worth noting that IMC members are bound to obey the law, but their code of practice is not. For examle, the IMC were proponents of contraception long before it became legal, so if the IMC’s members were in favour of abortion it’s code of practice would not recognise the humanity of the unborn. They are free to allow their members to perform abortion, leaving the issue to be dealt with by the courts, they are also free to adopt a neutral stance on abortion. Instead they choose to recognise the right to life of the unborn, and require their members to act accordingly.

    You are, possibly confusing the fact that if, in the course of life-saving treatment on a woman her foetus is harmed or killed then there are no legal penalities for either the mother or doctor, but this is very different to an abortion. The loss of the foetus is a side effect of treatment, as opposed to the aim of the treatment.

    There is no way to recieve an abortion legally in Ireland, and if you’re suggesting that, in order to impliment this we should regulate pregnant women travelling abroad then that is a whole different issue.


  22. Ed
    You must be so proud of your country. God bless the Emerald Isle. Long may her heart be free, her spirit proud and her children blessed. And may the only thing to exceed her love is her fighting spirit so that those who would cause her children born or unborn harm might always fear the resolve of her courage.


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