Interesting that it was NARAL which posted the following May 11 CBS Evening News piece featuring its president, Nancy Keenan, on YouTube.

Interesting because the piece would seem to me to be one they’d wish to go away. It certainly does not bode well for abortion proponents, for instance, this sound bite: “Protests against all these [pro-life] laws have been sporadic and for the most part, small.” And Keenan’s talking points were about the weakest I’ve ever heard…


Over at, evangelical writer Trevin Wax has written a post, “Five signs the pro-life cause is winning”:

The pro-life cause is winning. In state legislatures, in the media, and in grassroots efforts to reduce the number of abortions, pro-life activists have put abortion rights advocates on defense. The pro-life movement certainly has hurdles to overcome before the United States can become a place where all human life is legally protected. Yet the eventual outcome is certain.

The CBS story appears to corroborate “pro-life activists have put abortion rights advocates on defense.”

In its YouTube blurb about the CBS story, NARAL oddly bragged, “The story also includes stats and other information NARAL Pro-Choice America provided the reporter.”  So I’m speculating either NARAL pitched this story to CBS or is pretending to have controlled it. Keenan also posted a link on Facebook. The only reason I can think of that NARAL and Keenan are spotlighting this is to scare their people out of complacency and/or to use as a fundraising tool.

Read Wax’s 5 signs and tell me what you think. The only point of his I wonder about is #3, “The Third Wave.” Wax states the 1st pro-life wave was Catholics, the 2nd was Evangelicals, and the 3rd will be “when Black and Hispanic Christians not only join this movement, but lead it.” I’m hopeful about that but not so sure.

[HT: Joe Carter at First Things]

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