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  • New addition to the blogroll The Anti-Abortion Gang describes how their blog was analyzed by college students studying the use of fear in blogs and other media.
  • In a press release, American Life League calls for an “investigation of Catholic social justice organizations for embracing population control advocate Dr. Jeffry Sachs, head of the Earth Institute and the Millennium Project.” Dr. Sachs is a proponent of “population control through ‘reproductive services'” and believes “artificial contraception is central to reducing poverty.” Watch ALL’s informative video on this:


  • Fletcher Armstrong discusses his experience protesting a recent Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Knoxville, TN, using graphic photos of abortion from the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform.
  • David Bereit and Shawn Carney share the successful results of the latest 40 Days for Life campaign. 714 babies were saved, among other good news.
  • Abby Johnson asks readers to pray for the conversion of abortionist Dr. Paul Fine of Baylor College of Medicine.
  • Real Choice remembers the deaths of 3 more women from “safe, legal” abortion.
  • Accepting Abundance has more on a debate with a leading biologist who lectures on philosophy and “personhood.”

[HT for American Life League information: Carder]

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