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  • Moral Outcry reports on MTV’s Standards Department’s refusal to air Heroic Media’s pro-life ads. Really? MTV has “standards?”:

    MTV has displayed every vice known to man, every word forbidden in other public places, gross sexual behaviors, atrocious displays of lewdness….

    Sonograms, billboards, crisis pregnancy centers, waiting periods… these methods, which donít even make abortion illegal (unfortunately) are deemed unacceptable, condemning, racist. That is mind-boggling enough, but to hear that MTV standards department has issues with such an ad only proves that with standards like that you hardly need immorality.

  • Big Blue Wave examines the tension between the disabled community and genetic counselors who have aligned themselves with the abortion industry. A recent study shows:

    [I]nvestigations into the attitudes and practices of genetic counselors suggest that they have a more negative perspective on disabilities than individuals whose lives are directly affected by them and these attitudes may affect their description of disabling conditions in a prenatal setting.

  • Tom Crowe at Catholic Vote lists the effects of 50 years of Pill usage on human fertility and the environment.
  • Culture Campaign points to an article about Planned Parenthood’s use of peer educators in high school sex education programs – just one more way PP seeks to normalize sex among minors.
  • The Culture Vulture discusses the recent publicity New Zealand schools have received over procuring abortions for minors without parental notification or permission.
  • The Family Research Council Blog notes new research from Australia suggesting chemical (RU-486) abortions are less safe for women than surgical abortions.
  • Mommy Life showcases, a website created by former scouts to expose the Girl Scouts of America’s pro-abortion agenda.
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