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  • Abortion State turns the tables on proponents of “choice” and comprehensive sex ed, pointing out NARAL’s and Planned Parenthood’s interference in the sex lives of impoverished individuals through “family planning” efforts. The post points out the failure of such family planning programs to decrease unintended pregnancy or abortion rates in WA, and proves they merely line the pockets of the private abortion industry with public funds.

  • Secular ProLife gives an update on the project, including funds raised and the need for a volunteer researcher to join their team.
  • ProWomanProLife reports abortion is up among women aged 40+ in the UK. It is not known whether this is due to risky sexual behaviors, diagnoses of prenatal abnormalities, or other factors.
  • ProLife NZ reports the number of couples adopting internationally has increased while domestic adoptions decreased. Reasons may include “increased availability of abortions and contraception and a rise in infertility.”
  • Pro-Life Action League reports that despite the “tidal wave” of evidence showing 20-30% of women who abort have long-term negative effects after abortion, some abortion proponents insist the women who have these effects were “emotionally unstable” prior to their abortions. If ultrasound laws “patronize” and “infantilize” women (as pro-aborts claim), surely a collective diagnosis of mental illness does the same.
  • Real Choice chronicles instances of babies who survived pregnancies outside the uterus.
  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life decries MN Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton’s veto of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would have prohibited abortion past 20 weeks.
  • Alveda King comments on the increased abortion rate among low-income women while national rates decreased:Many people also say that sex education and birth control will lower abortion rates. Planned Parenthood has been in the low-income neighborhoods peddling their sex education and birth control for years and the number of abortions is on the rise. They know that this is a myth but continue to spread the lie.
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