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  • Mark Crutcher discusses “pro-choice/pro-abortion” terminology and the common pro-abort argument about helping those “who are already here”:

    The biological reality is that the unborn are already here. If that’s not the case, I guess the unborn child that appears on a sonogram screen is just a hallucination. Or maybe the womb is some sort of alternative reality/parallel universe that we can look inside of and see these mysterious humanoids moving around who aren’t actually there.

  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life claims current uncertainty about whether unborn children can feel pain at certain stages of pregnancy should be a reason to support fetal pain laws.
  • Moral Outcry tells us Planned Parenthood, “a private organization which has no inherent right to federal or state monies” intends to sue Indiana if Gov. Mitch Daniels signs legislation to deny them taxpayer funding.
  • Live Action announces winners of their Expose Planned Parenthood ad contests. The winning entry:

  • Lisa Graas notes Black pro-life leaders believe the Congressional Black Caucus is wrong to insist that taxpayers fund abortions in DC.
  • This sounds too strange to be true, but The Culture Vulture introduces us to a “euthanasia roller coaster which kills people by exposing them to extreme G-forces for approximately 60 seconds.” In the following video, the inventor suggests this is a euphoria-inducing method of euthanasia which one day may be used in cases of overpopulation or if one’s “life becomes too long”:


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