Abortion proponent Christina Page wrote a piece May 6 in the Huffington Post entitled, “Should adoption be a reproductive right?”

Page started by claiming pro-lifers “insist” adoption as an “easy choice” for birth mothers, a charge I’d be interested in seeing Page back up. Page went on to equate adoption with abortion, thereby providing a niche for her side:

Just like women who choose abortion, women who make an adoption plan are subject to shame, coercion, misinformation, unfavorable laws, and the politicization of their choice. It is here that the reproductive rights movement may recognize a role for itself.

Page advocated promoting open adoption laws; enforcing open adoption laws; tightening up safe haven laws so they’re not abused by medical personnel/counselors; ensuring birth mothers have separate legal representation; and making gay, single, and nonreligious adoptive parents more accessible to birth mothers.

Do you think it is possible for the pro-life movement to work with the pro-abortion movement to promote adoption?

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