For backstory read my May 3 post, “Notorious, Obama-loving priest suspended.”

According to Fox News Chicago, May 20:

ChicagoCardinal George has reinstated the controversial Father Michael Pfleger as pastor of St. Sabina Church, saying the two have met and taken a step toward resolving their “confusion.”…

Pfleger said in a statement that during conversations with the cardinal they “recognized that the church has been hurt” and he would “do all in my power to foster healing for all.”…

On Friday, the cardinal’s statement said, “I asked Father Pfleger to take time to pray about his personal faith and his commitment to the priesthood. In the past month, Father Pfleger and I have discussed how the Church has been wounded and how necessary it is to find a way to heal the hurt and confusion.”

The statementt [sic] said that Pfleger’s statement, released simultaeously [sic], is a “genuine step” to that end.

Pfleger apologized for remarks that were interpreted to mean he wanted to leave the priesthood, to which he said he is committed.

“I believe all who know me well that I want to be a Catholic priest.”

He said he and George realized “the church has been hurt, and this concerns us both. For the people of St. Sabina and the church as a whole, I will do all in my power to foster healing for all.”

He also said that George had asked him to create a “plan of transition for the future of St. Sabina,” a plan he has agreed to present by Dec. 1.

So it sounds as if the plan is still for Fr. Pfleger to pull up stakes at St. Sabina. We shall see. Here’s more:

Father Michael Pfleger Reinstated as St. Sabina Pastor:

An update today from the Chicago Tribune:

Returning to the pulpit of St. Sabina Catholic Church to celebrate mass and his 62nd birthday today, the Rev. Michael Pfleger apologized to his congregation for the drama of his 3-week suspension, which ended Friday.

“I’m back,” he declared to parishioners in a statement during the 11:15 a.m. mass. The statement preceded his sermon.

“I am sorry to have put you through this,” he said.

Pfleger also expressed his gratitude to Cardinal Francis George and encouraged parishioners to do the same. He said George lifted the suspension after 3 in-depth conversations.

“He made it possible for me to be here today,” he said.

[Photo via NBC]

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