This is ridiculous. What, did the police charged with keeping a watchful eye over the University of Buffalo graduate from the Barney Fife School of Campus Security? Or did they just not care? Either way, from WBEN:

A group of UB students is upset over the destruction and theft of an anti-abortion display. The display was put up a week ago….

There were 330 crosses as part of the display, which represents 330 abortions that happen daily in New York, says Sara Buttitta, UB Students for Life President. “Since then, the display was vandalized three times….

Buttitta says the vandals pulled up the display and wrote the word “Pro-Choice” with the crosses. After the group put the display up again, the vandals came back a few hours later, re-pulled up all of the crosses, and wrote “Love All”. The UB Students for Life group thought this was a fitting addition to the Cemetery since people should love all, including preborn children. The group left the words and re-set up the rest of the crosses in the display. The next morning the group found the crosses pulled up yet again with the words “LOL Babies” written with the crosses. Each time the pro-life display was vandalized, UB Students for Life notified the UB Police Department.

Buttitta says Tuesday afternoon, the display except for the crosses that spelled out “Love All” was stolen. She says a follow up police report was filed.

Here’s a WKBW story on the vandalism. Aside from the topic, it was refreshing to hear MSM reporters use “pro-life” (albeit interchangeably with “anti-abortion”) to describe us…

See more photos of the destruction at Students for Life of America.

Yet another example of “pro-choice” tolerance….

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