A guest poster at the pro-abortion blog EverySaturdayMorning described an interesting school project: Having a friend pose as a pregnant mother and film being escorted through a large pro-life crowd at the EMW Women’s Center in Louisville, KY.

I’ve written about this particular abortion mill many times, most recently after LiveAction.org released an undercover video showing staff there willing to cover up underage rape.

When you watch the video you will see the pro-life sidewalk counselors and activists were all kind, compassionate, and helpful. That is not a surprise.

What is shocking is how the poser described the pro-lifers afterward. Even after having documented on film how the pro-lifers really behaved, she was completely off-base.

I’m not saying the poser was lying. Her reaction appeared real; she was shook up and on the verge of tears. But it seems clear she was projecting, based either on preconceived notions about pro-lifers or ambivalence about abortion. I suppose that even though this wasn’t a real pregnant mother, pro-lifers can learn from her reaction.

Watch the video. Note also how the deathscort tries her best to keep the woman from hearing the pro-lifers. What was that about being “pro-choice”?


Now read the transcript of the poser’s reaction:

And you can hear them, the rioters, like 2 blocks before that…. And so you have this build of dread, even before you’re anywhere near the clinic….

The escort was talking to me, saying like, “Ok, I’m going to start talking nonsense now, just about weather,  just to try to drown out this other woman.” I was really grateful for that, and also being totally frazzled, all these voices everywhere, not knowing where to look. It feels like getting  herded, you know, you’re an animal, just totally terrified of everybody around you….

They just become this, like, blur of antagonism….

Even if they were successful and “saved me,” or whatever, that kind of stress, that kind of panic can’t possibly be healthy for you or for a baby…. It was really hard not to say like, “How dare you say this to me. How dare you have think you have the authority to talk to anybody like this.”…

It really is just so drowning, like just this roar of judgment and lack of empathy. It’s so inhuman, and it makes you feel so inhuman, not because of even why you’re there, just anybody treating you like that, it doesn’t even matter what they’re saying, how any human being could act like that to someone else.

What in the world? Her depiction of the pro-lifers was absolutely imagined.

The project’s mastermind was apparently disappointed in the pro-life response, explaining at the beginning of the film that there were usually many more pro-lifers there. She apparently chose the day before Easter for her experiment with that very hope. (I, on the other hand, was impressed by the number of pro-lifers on such a rainy, cold day.) She wrote:

When I first watched the video, I thought it was pretty tame. I’m kind of ashamed of that. I must be pretty desensitized to the situation if I thought that was as tame as I did.

No, the pro-lifers actually were “tame,” my friend. A commenter added, regretfully it seems:

She wasn’t surrounded by protesters shoving the escorts into her. Nobody pushed their babies in her face. No one stopped directly in front of her.

We say it wasn’t “that bad” today. Well, bullsh**, clearly it is always “that bad.”

No, it’s that your portrayal of pro-lifers is always “that bad.”

The student’s blog post was, dare I say, hysterical. I hate to label other women as hysterical, but she was certainly irrationally dramatic:

I wonder if more people did this… talked to their communities about what it’s really like at the clinic, if there wouldn’t be some sort of social backlash on the behavior of these people who attack women like this on the street. Because that’s what it is. It’s an attack….  I can’t imagine what it must be like going in, to be surrounded by strangers trying to support, and then by more strangers trying to scare you away.  I thought it was scary before. I thought it was traumatizing when I got a small taste of it before. Now I think it’s terrifying.

It’s terrifying that some people think this is ok…. It is terrifying that people are treated like thisBullied and intimidated on the street, and others take no action against it. It is terrifying that people are so apathetic to the treatment of others. It was especially terrifying when it was my friend.

It’s even more terrifying that it’s strangers that I don’t know.

No, what’s terrifying is that people believe hysterical pro-aborts like you.

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