Pro-aborts defeated free speech in New York and Los Angeles, but they won’t silence the pro-life message to and by African-Americans in Oakland, California.

CBS Outdoor, which also stood strong against pro-abortion ideologues in Atlanta who demanded’s “Black Children are an Endangered Species” billboards be pulled in 2010, is again refusing to back down and pull 60 “Black & Beautiful” billboards in the Bay Area.

… Although it’s not for lack of trying, as Ryan Bomberger has chronicled. Northern California is a liberal bastion, which, of course, includes the press. This CBS5 news piece calling the billboards “blatantly racist” was yanked after Ryan complained on Twitter about the obvious bias and absence of corroboration. (Explain again how “Black & Beautiful is racist?)…

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But CBS5 has left this trash piece up…

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Neverthless, as black pro-life leader Walter Hoye said in the above news pieces, any conversation about black abortion genocide is good. Hoye wrote on Facebook:

It has been said that one can be judged by the strength of his or her enemies. If this old adage is true and we consider those assembled against us (i.e., Congresswoman and former Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Barbara Lee, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan, the California NAACP, Trust Black Women of California, Black Women For Wellness, Black Entertainment Television, Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union), then by that standard alone our billboard campaign is formidable and by God’s grace and mercy is having the impact desired as a result of communicating His timeless truth of love and life in the public square (John 8:32).


The people need to know. It’s bad, very bad, as Alveda King tweeted only today (linking back to a post on my blog by Dr. Gerard Nadal)…