Up only a week, those billboards in L.A. spotlighting the decimation of the Latino community via abortion, are coming down.

A press release from the billboards’ sponsor this afternoon reported:

Pro-abortion pressure groups have forced the removal of pro-life billboards in Los Angeles which for the past week have revealed the truth about abortion in the Latino community.

The ads, sponsored by the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, take aim at the abortion industry’s targeting of Latino women in a city with one of the highest Latino populations with the stark message: “The most dangerous place for a Latino is in the womb.” This follows a massive pro-life Latino gathering, “Unidos por la Vida” (United for Life), which gathered more than 8,000 supporters at the LA Sports Arena last weekend.

“Like a similar ad campaign that ran in New York City, pro-abortion activists are desperately trying to cover up Planned Parenthood’s targeting of minorities, and will squelch free speech to do so,” said Alfonso Aguilar, executive director of the conservative group behind the billboard….

Only this morning I read some rather incomprehensible thoughts about the billboards in OCWeekly.com, beginning with the headline…

Gabriela Valle, senior director of California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, says… “We’re taking a strong stance against theses ads. They’re completely racist. An attack to one community is an attack to all.”…

“This organization is out of Mexico. That’s another layer that’s touchy,” Valle says. “The fact that they’re hiding behind a Latino-led organization doesn’t make the message any less racist…. They’re anti-woman. They’re anti-immigrant. This ad is just one more place for Latino communities to be attacked.”

She says her organization, and other like-minded groups, are asking whoever thought up the idea, and the billboard companies themselves, to take them down.

Really, Valle’s arguments make absolutely no sense. But that obviously doesn’t matter.

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