So Sheila, these Islamofascist terrorists want America destroyed: liberals, conservatives, Christians, Jews, the young, the old, the good-looking, the ugly, the capricorns, the geminis, the golfers, the ballers, the snowboarders, the skiers, the Burger Kings and the McDonald’s, the Albertson’s and the WalMarts, the heterosexuals, the homosexuals, the bisexuals and the trisexuals, Morehouse or the White House, and yes, even the abortion clinics.

If it’s on American soil, and if it ain’t their model of Islam, they want to see it all burn!

~ Zo criticizing Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (DTX) (pictured above), who compared militant Christianthat blow up abortion clinics to Islamic militant jihadists, PJTV’S ZoNation, June 23

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