6/8, 8:10a: Wow, read this major lambast of the fantastically hypocritical Amanda Marcotte at The Other McCain, which came to my attention via this piece at The American Power blog.

6/7, 7:42p: What’s more important, abortion or equal rights for women? Though they would have you believe otherwise, liberal feminists do not consider the 2 synonymous. And to answer the question, in case you didn’t know, it’s abortion.

This 1st became clear when Monica Lewinski’s blue dress caught Bill Clinton red-handed.

But because Clinton supported abortion, feminists excused the fact that he clearly used his authority to sexually exploit a young woman. It helped that he was at the time the most powerful man in the world, although this fact only spotlighted the national security threat feminists also ignored of his being placed in a vulnerable position to be blackmailed.

So I’ve been watching with interest to see how feminists would respond to Weinergate, another example of a powerful man exploiting young women in this case he wasn’t even positive were legal adults, and displaying almost inconceivable stupidity in the process. And they did not surprise. Feminists for Choice was particularly frank, if not pathetic:

In situations like these, I think feminists are in a bit of a hard place. As women, we’re sort of grossed out and annoyed by the fact that he would send anyone a (hopefully solicited) picture of his junk, but ultimately, I think we realize that it’s just another part of the role that patriarchy has created for men….

There is the bigger issue at hand, here…. Anthony Weiner is a progressive beacon in a House of Representatives full of a bunch of Tea Party wackos – we need him there.

Weiner has a 100% pro-choice rating from NARAL, a history of voting for women’s issues, LGBT issues, and just progressive politics in general. Again, progressives and women need Rep. Weiner in the House.

Keeping abortion legal, that’s what it’s all about for liberal feminists. F4C gave this example of Weiner’s “badassery,” which was really an appalling example of jerkassery:


Ms. Magazine, NARAL, and Planned Parenthood all chose to simply ignore Weinergate.

It was refreshing to see readers challenge Feministing for making jokes about Weiner’s sexual misconduct, one noting, “This gives anti-feminists tons of fodder.” Indeed, although we’re actually the real feminists, supporting equality for all women, born and preborn.

In a piece (“The case for tolerating left-wing lotharios”), which pro-abortion Amanda Marcotte linked to with a tweet of approval, Slate excused the double standard MSM shows between conservative and liberal politicians caught with their pants on the ground, and again, it’s mostly about abortion:

Why didn’t this salacious, potentially career-destroying story generate the same insta-circus as “Craigslist Congressman” Chris Lee’s beefcake photos or any one of the many GOP sex scandals over the last several years? It’s due in part to the journalistic torpor of the long holiday weekend, but – let’s be honest -  it’s also because he’s an outspoken liberal. And that’s not a bad thing….

Conservatives might cry foul over the double standard… but it’s justified. There’s the low-hanging fruit of hypocritical “family values” zealots who get caught…. But it’s more than that. In the case of Republicans, who have been waging a fierce legislative war on women, they’re not just screwing around on their wives, they’re screwing over millions of American women and families by eliminating reproductive freedom, undermining equal pay laws, and restricting access to affordable health and child care.

For those on the left, like Rep. Weiner, it’s easier to disregard their potential sexual missteps as a character flaw limited to the home life. In his career as a lawmaker, he has been an emphatic advocate for women. (NARAL gave him a 100% rating.)….

That’s not to say, of course, that illegal sexual conduct… should go unpunished. But when it comes to garden-variety consenting-adults fare among left-leaning pols, I can understand why some reporters might want to just step away.

That 100% NARAL approval rating keeps coming up.

Liberal feminists frequently decry the abundance of conservative men who vocally oppose abortion, as if they should have no say.

But they ignore the obvious ulterior motive cads that like Clinton, Edwards, Schwarzenegger, and Weiner have for supporting abortion.

Feminists are as much to blame for the sexual exploitation of women as all the aforementioned.

Never mind the fact they support killing our youngest women.

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