I was interested to read yesterday that one reason the New Hampshire Executive Council decided to defund Planned Parenthood of Northern New England was due to the exorbitant $250,000 salary made by this supposed nonprofit’s CEO, Steve Trombley (pictured right).

Trombley’s salary is more in the news today. From the Concord Monitor:

[Council member Dan] St. Hilaire said he would also prefer the money go to an organization headquartered in New Hampshire. And Trombley’s $250,000 annual salary is abnormally high compared with other health care groups funded by the council, he said.

Trombley said he was hired by a professional recruiting firm that based his salary on the going rate for similar positions.

“We don’t make money at our health centers,” Trombley said….

That may or may not be true, but the CEO sure does. And Trombley neglected to mention he was hired away from Planned Parenthood of Illinois and that he apparently took a pay cut to move. (As an aside, Pro-Life Action League speculates Trombley was demoted for major screw-ups in Illinois.)

From PP of IL’s 2009 Form 990 (click to enlarge)…



In light of Trombley’s salary, his words of concern for women sound hollow. Quoting NHPR:

And Steve Trombley, the organization’s CEO says, if the funding doesn’t come through, patients like that woman with the change will have to go elsewhere.

“We will not be able to continue to see the more than 15,000 patients we see every year in our New Hampshire locations. In terms of where we would not continue services, we do not know the answer to that yet. But we do know that this will have a devastating and significant effect on a number of women and families in this state.”

But not on Trombley’s salary, I note.

PPNNE’s expenditures are now generally being scrutinized as well. Quoting NHPR again:

Kevin Smith from the conservative advocacy group Cornerstone Action doesn’t buy the claim that Planned Parenthood will have to cut services.

Smith says the organization shouldn’t be spending 28% of its budget on administrative costs, including salaries, advocacy, marketing and fundraising.

“So if they are saying by losing this contract they now can’t help women’s healthcare, that’s just a complete fallacy. It shows they are sacrificing women’s health for their own political power or their own salaries. And that’s just not right.”

Cornerstone further reported on its website:

In their most recent Annual Report from 2009, PPNNE reported that of their $18 million dollars in revenue, $3,126,841 (or 16.9%) was spent on general and administrative costs, public policy advocacy spending was $714,877 (or 3.9%), over $597,000 (or 3.2%) was spent on marketing and communications, while $568,397 (or 3.1%) was spent on fundraising.

As you can see, Planned Parenthood’s financial information is great fodder to push back at its hand-wringing.

And much of this information can be found online. PP annual reports, although puffed up, contain useful info.

And IRS Form 990s can be found at Guidestar.org. That’s where I retrieved Trombley’s salary package while at PP of IL. The 990s are available free at Guidestar after filling out a registration form. (Other information costs $ but not that.)  Type in the name of the Planned Parenthood affiliate and do some digging.

[Photo via Nashua Telegraph]

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