While Indiana Planned Parenthood cries it will have to close clinics and fire staff if taxpayers stop bankrolling it, Planned Parenthood Action Fund is frittering money buying Twitter followers.

PPAC is paying Twitter to promote its name in its “Who to follow” section. The cost? According to ClickZ.com, somewhere between $10-$70 per follower. Last week PP had about 17,500 followers. Tonight it has 18,172 followers. Say 500 of those followers came from the Twitter ad, then Planned Parenthood spent between $5,000-35,000 to get them.

PPAC is one of only 600 advertisers who have run campaigns since Twitter launched the feature in April 2010.

Advertisers are major corporations like Mercedes, American Express, Clinique, Microsoft, Nissan, Yahoo, Dell… and Planned Parenthood.

Clearly our forced subsidies are freeing Planned Parenthood to spend money trying to rebuild its shredded brand and get its political mo jo back – so as to continue to force us to finance it. Planned Parenthood now has to buy friends to fake its popularity.

“Even if we had the money I would never approve that kind of spending,” wrote Tom McClusky of Family Research Council in an email to me today. “Of course, I’m not government subsidized.”

[HT: David Schmidt of LiveAction.org]

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