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  • Suzy B announces 28 senators have written to Medicaid administrator Donald Berwick in support of Indiana’s ban on taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood.

  • Our newest blog addition, Reflections of a Paralytic, discusses how the culture’s view of sex as “meaningless sport” is ruining our society.
  • Michael J. New debunks the ideas that abortion’s legality has no impact on the abortion rate, and that more contraception is the way to reduce abortion.
  • Pro-Life Action League’s John Jansen illustrates pro-aborts’ cluelessness about what makes pro-lifers tick.
  • Pro-Life NZ unmasks the myth of “safe chemical abortion.”
  • Pro-Life Wisconsin reports on the case of a predatory social worker who impregnated a woman he was investigating for child abuse. After refusing his request to abort the baby, the woman’s children were taken from her, including the baby, now age 3, who lives with her father.
  • Andrea at ProWomanProLife comments on the story of Jane Eaton Hamilton, who photographs stillborn children to preserve their memory for their families. Hamilton says of her photos:

    They say to one and all: This life was lived, even if only in utero. This life mattered. This baby was our baby and we love him.

  • Secular Pro-Life reports on a woman who killed her preborn child with off-label pills at 20 weeks. She faces a possible $5k fine and time in prison.
  • John Smeaton notes some happenings in the Russian pro-life movement.
  • Timmerie requests prayer for a 15-year-old girl being coerced by her mother to abort. The girl is seeking help from a pro-life lawyer at this time.
  • Vital Signs has information on PA Rep. Allyson Schwartz, a former abortionist and the new head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • MN Citizens Concerned for Life wonders whether the pro-choice talking point that women do not choose abortion “casually” really matters:

    … [T]he confusion is between the motivations of an act and the act itself. The assumption… is that only the motivations of an act are ethically relevant.

    It’s true that motivations are important…. But there is much more to morality than motivations. We would not say that infanticide is justified because “few parents make the decision to kill an infant casually.”…

    If abortion is the unjust killing of an innocent human being (like infanticide), then it should not be permitted, regardless of motivations.

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