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  • The Culture Vulture examines a disturbing lawsuit brought by a group of NZ women whose sterilization surgeries failed, resulting in children whom they are now raising. In the lawsuit, they are trying to have their children classified as “personal injuries.”

  • Moral Outcry has details on the federal government’s dirty hands in its Medicaid war with Indiana over Planned Parenthood funding.
  • Jivin Jehoshaphat discusses an RH Reality Check post by Jodi Jacobson, who claims pro-lifers aren’t really against abortion – they’re just against “basic primary healthcare” for the disadvantaged.
  • Mark Crutcher blasts pro-Planned Parenthood arguments (“war on women,” “oppressing the poor,” “abortion’s only 3% of what they do”) effectively out of the water.
  • The Anti-Abortion Gang notes how terms like “personhood” and “pregnancy” have been redefined over the years by pro-choice advocates in an attempt to deny human rights to the preborn.
  • Culture Campaign reports IL RINO Sen. Mark Kirk plans to advance a bill in an attempt to codify taxpayer funding for embryonic stem cell research.
  • Abby Johnson writes on her discomfort with the banning of certain types of late-term abortion methods over others.
  • Stacy at Accepting Abundance points out that freedom dependent on governmental policy is not really freedom at all.
  • Bryan Kemper shares a PersonhoodUSA video entitled, “Pro-Life? What is it?”


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