I really, really like Russell Crowe as an actor.

But as a person Crowe clearly has missing brain synapses that have rendered him a bonehead.

As the Huffington Post reports today, Crowe took to Twitter yesterday [Warning: vulgar] to castigate male circumcision.

That’s fine. My opinion differs on the topic, but whatever…

But then Crowe got stupid. His very next tweet, after “stand[ing] for the perfection of babies”?

The absurd illogic is almost too obvious to point out. But I must.

Removing a piece of skin the size of a postage stamp from a newborn baby is “barbaric and stupid,” the logic being that “[b]abies are perfect,” but suctioning that same baby’s brains out to kill him moments before birth is not, the logic being it’s “a woman’s choice”?

[HT: Stephen M.]

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