I wrote last December that pro-life activist Randall Terry had decided to run for president in the 2012 Democrat primary with the express goal of airing a graphic abortion ad during the Super Bowl.

This week Terry’s first ad began airing in Iowa. The Daily Caller reports it “will run prime-time in the Des Moines market on all the major local affiliates – CBS, NBC, FOX, CNS and ABC.” Terry wrote in an email alert the ad would also run in Sioux City. This ad isn’t graphic. The FCC rule forcing stations to air unedited ads by political candidates apparently does not yet apply…


Terry has received a fair amount of press coverage (here, here, and here, for example) about his ad.

Pro-aborts are preoccupied with the aborted babies Terry eventually hopes to show America. From RH Reality Check:

Randall Terry said he would run against Barack Obama so he could buy Super Bowl ads with gruesome pictures of aborted fetuses. His “path to the presidency?” He’s going beat Obama in a Democratic primary.

Well, probably not with this ad, since it attacks the President using Republican talking points.  Oh, and no little dismembered limbs, either.

From Jezebel, a little alarm mixed in with the ridicule:

The Daily Caller casually notes that Terry’s “running mate is effectively a dead fetus,” and that’s a pretty accurate characterization….

But thankfully, there are no dead fetuses in the television ad that Terry has already gotten at least one Iowa television station to agree to air….

But that doesn’t mean things won’t get uglier. In the show candidacy of Missy Smith in Washington D.C. that Terry helped mastermind last year, the goal was to get bloodied fetuses on television. At the time, lawyers for the local stations said they were compelled to show because of courts’ interpretation of the Communications Act as pertaining to candidates….

Incidentally, Terry’s response to the Republican party’s record on restricting women’s choices is on record in musical form…

Here it is, entitled, “Randall Terry vs Obama 2012 Nomination Song”:


I gotta tell you, I’m loving all this. Terry, for all his flamboyance, is keeping abortion in the public eye.

But I”m edgy like that.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Terry’s run for president will be helpful or hurtful to the pro-life cause?

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