Operation Rescue has just released 2 disturbing YouTube videos.

The 1st, taken yesterday, is of a post-abortive mother punching and beating pro-lifers with a keyed fist. When one of the pro-lifers said, “You are full of guilt,” she responded, “YES, I AM, you have no idea how much it hurts!”

I called Troy Newman of OR to ask what happened to provoke the woman, and he said she was just driving by and saw the graphic abortion pictures and pulled in and started wailing away. It was at that point the pro-lifers turned on the camcorder. Troy said OR just received more video of her leaving the mill, blaming the pro-lifers and their graphic photos for her violence. If and when that video goes up, I’ll post. The incident took place outside Southwest Women’s Options, a late-term abortion mill in Albuquerque, New Mexico (WARNING: profanity)….


The 2nd video is of a 911 call placed from the UNM (University of New Mexico) Center for Reproductive Health abortion mill on February 15, 2011. A 35-year-old mother named Lisa began crashing after receiving conscious sedation. The call is particularly annoying because the 911 operator wastes several minutes asking questions when he should have immediately sent the ambulance as soon as he heard someone was “crashing” at a medical facility, IMO….


At any rate, so much for safe legal abortions and the denial of post-abortive trauma.

Troy mentioned to me Operation Rescue is being deluged with information and cannot even handle it all. When I called he had just hung up from speaking with an informant inside a mill. Troy said he could use 4-5 more full-time employees. If you can donate to Operation Rescue, it would be helpful. It has been doing fabulous work exposing the abortion industry around the country, particularly of late.

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