While I empathize with the loss Betty Ford’s family and friends must be feeling at her death, I do not lament the passing of any unrepentant leader of the pro-abortion movement, bluntly speaking. The world is a safer place for children with one less person facilitating their murders.

Betty Ford was an unapologetic abortion activist. In her roles as First Lady and world dignitary, Betty Ford was, thus, partially responsible for untold thousands, perhaps millions, of their deaths. Watch with revulsion 2:15-2:45 on this Fox News video

Of course, Ford’s vision that legalizing abortion would “bring it out of the backwoods and into the hospitals where it belonged” proved unsound. All the Supreme Court did in 1973 was take abortion from the back alley into the front alley.

As I said, Ford was a pro-abortion activist…

From that Los Angeles Times piece:

Former First Lady Betty Ford and several other Republicans announced today that they have formed a new political action committee to support GOP candidates who oppose President Bush’s anti-abortion stance.

The committee, calling itself Pro-Choice America, said it has “only one purpose – to support courageous pro-choice Republicans who face anti-choice opponents.”…

[T]he PAC will concentrate only on races in which a Republican who favor abortion rights is opposed by another Republican or a Democrat who is opposed to abortion.

Two other influential pro-abortion activists, Bill and Hillary Clinton, released a sadly ironic joint statement of condolence upon learning of Ford’s death:

As a staunch advocate for women’s and equal rights, Betty paved the way for generations of women to follow.

No, Ford helped make it impossible for generations of women  to follow because she promoted killing them.

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