Today I’m told an Orlando, Florida, jury handed down a whopping $36,766,000 civil judgment against notorious late-term abortionist James Pendergraft (pictured below left).

There is nothing on this in the news yet. I’m going by information provided by pro-lifers who have been in the courtroom all week.

Pendergraft is a convicted felon who pro-lifers will also remember was the owner of the clinic where Baby Rowan was aborted alive and allowed to die in 2005.

The case that went to trial this week against Pendergraft resulting in that behemoth judgment was by a mother named Carol Howard, who went to Pendergraft’s Orlando Women’s Center on November 11, 2001, to abort her 22.3 week old baby girl, who survived.

Sidewalk counselor Patte Smith communicated with Howard in 2004 and gained access to information and court documents until Howard’s attorney cut off communication. But this is how we know the backstory to today’s jury decision.

Howard was single and pregnant for the 3rd time. She had one living child and had aborted the other.

The method of abortion at this stage was induction of labor and delivery. “If all went according to plan Carol Howard’s infant would be stillborn,” Patte wrote. “Carol paid $1300 cash to have her infant murdered. All did not go according to plan.

“According to her medication flow sheet,” Patte continued, “200mg of Cytotec were administered to Carol Howard every hour beginning at 1:30pm through midnight. At 1:30am clinic worker Tanya Severance noted in her chart: ‘1am Patient was very upset about us not being able to give her pain meds. She left without signing release. Would not talk with us before leaving in a fit of temper…. She also thought this was taking way to[o] long.'”

In labor, Howard left the Orlando Women’s Center and went to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

In the early morning hours of November 16, Howard delivered her baby daughter alive. The tiny girl weighed 1 pound, 6 ounces. The child, “JH” in court documents, was resuscitated and survived.

On May 25, 2004 Howard filed a civil lawsuit against abortionist Randall Whitney, Pendergraft, and Orlando Women’s Center (Case 04CA-1202 Orange County, Florida), to provide funding for lifetime care of “JH,” who was severely harmed as a result of the abortion and premature delivery.  According to court documents, the now nearly 10-yr-old girl lives with:

  • cerebral palsy
  • loss of function of left side of body
  • strokes/brain damage
  • physical, emotional & cognitive delays
  • lung damage & chronic lung disease &
  • seizure disorder
  • Yesterday a jury awarded Howard $18,255,000 in damages against Pendergraft, with court costs against him at $462,000.

    However, the judge in the called the jury back this morning, and after hearing expert testimony they awarded Howard $36,766,000.

    I have no documentation on any of this yet but am working on it. However, pro-lifers have been present in the courtroom all week and taking notes, and Patte is a scrupulous record-keeper.

    The press has been utterly silent on this trial all week.

    [HT: Patte Smith and Leslie Hanks]

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