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  • Former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline’s second disciplinary hearing starts tomorrow.
  • The Kansas City Star has an article on how some pro-life groups in Kansas might push for more restrictive measures in 2012 (like a heartbeat bill or personhood amendment) while others are more cautious.

  • The Times of India notes 273 ultrasound centers have been closed and 75 abortion clinics have had their recognition withdrawn in a massive inspection drive aimed at derailing clinics engaged in sex-selection abortion:

    “The decision to conduct a massive inspection drive was taken from the highest decision-making level in the state and it was decided to ensure that strict action should be taken against those centres and doctors who indulge in sex determination and sex selective abortions,” said Suresh Gupta, additional director of state health services.

    Provisional figures of census 2011 came as shock for the state as the child sex ratio declined by 30 points from 913 in 2001 to 883. The status of child sex ratio was a cause of grave concern for the entire state in general and all districts in Marathwada in particular. The child sex ratio has declined by 30 or more points in 14 districts, of which 7 districts… have shown a decline of more than 50 points.

  • The Times of India also discusses the rising misuse of abortion pills:

    Going by the law, only gynaecologists and registered medical practitioners recognised under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 can prescribe the drug. One needs a prescription to buy it.

    However, the drug is easily available. When this reporter visited five chemists in prominent areas of the city and asked for the abortion pills without a prescription, three sold them across the counter while at two places the chemists said they had run out of the stock.

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