Baltimore’s annual Artscape, held last weekend, July 15-17, bills itself as “America’s largest free arts festival, attracting 350,000+ attendees over 3 days.”

But this year, in addition to paintings, sculptures, fashion, food, and concerts, festival goers were introduced to the photographic art of abortion, as the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Maryland decided to participate.

CBR Maryland leaders Kurt and Samantha Linnemann wrote in an email alert:

We were strategically located in the center of the festival where 1000’s upon 1000’s of people walked past our display….

When we showed the signs, the Baltimore City Police threatened to arrest us. We asked what we were going to be arrested for. Knowing they had nothing to charge us with, they backed down. Fifteen police officers stood by and watched our display go up and stay up for the following 3 hours.

Pro-aborts, however, didn’t appreciate this graphic display of First Amendment rights. Click to enlarge…

See more of CBR Maryland’s photos here.

Baltimore is a pro-abort stronghold. As the Linnemanns wrote going into the festival, “We are bringing the message of life to an audience that strongly embraces abortion.”

The Baltimore City Council was the 1st legislative body in the US to attempt to force pregnancy care centers to post signage stating they did not commit abortions, although earlier this year a federal judge struck that ordinance down as unconstitutional.

I commend the CBR Maryland group for their bravery!

Donate to help CBR Maryland continue “piercing the darkness with the light of love,” as it says.

Here’s a photo from Artscape’s photo gallery giving a glimpse at the volume of people attending…

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