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  • Women’s Rights without Frontiers, our newest blog addition, features a sobering video on the atrocity of forced abortion and sterilization in China – funded by the international community through UNFPA, the International Planned Parenthood Federation, and Marie Stopes International:


  • In honor of Fertility Awareness Month, Timmerie’s blog has a post on society’s search for alternatives to infertility via surrogacy, IVF, and egg donation – all fraught with moral and legal issues.
  • Suzy B calls out NY Democrat Rep. Louise Slaughter for “cross[ing] the line of decency” when she told a crowd of abortion supporters pro-lifers are “here to kill women,” and “You are allowed to have an abortion if you’ve been raped or it’s a matter of incest. However, you have to keep a receipt. Did you know that? It’s sort of like an old German Nazi movement: show me your papers.”
  • Star Studded Superstep discusses the convoluted strange rants and unbalanced claims made against Abby Johnson by Army of God member Rick Ellis.
  • ProWomanProLife links to the heartwarming story of a woman who, at age 18, placed her son for adoption only to have him find her through Facebook 36 years later to tell her what a wonderful life he has lived. PWPL aptly notes this woman “might have chosen abortion, and that would have been the end of the story.”
  • Pro-Life Action League discusses the 2010 film All Good Things, loosely based on the actual disappearance of Kathleen Durst. The film effectively weaves an underlying story of abortion, showing how it led to the deterioration of a marriage and a woman’s life.

  • Wesley J. Smith shares snippets of his current Weekly Standard article on the coupling of organ donation with euthanasia in Belgium:

    Coupling organ donation with euthanasia turns a new and dangerous corner by giving the larger society an explicit stake in the deaths of people with seriously disabling or terminal conditions….

    [It] creates a strong emotional inducement to suicide, particularly for people who are culturally devalued and depressed and, indeed, who might worry that they are a burden on loved ones and society.

    People in such an anguished mental state could easily come to believe (or be persuaded) that asking for euthanasia and organ donation would give a meaning to their deaths that their lives could never have.

  • John Smeaton happily reports the British Medical Association has affirmed the supposedly impartial Lord Falconer’s Commission on Assisted Dying is actually stacked with supporters of euthanasia and assisted suicide, and is partially funded by well-known fantasy author and high-profile assisted suicide campaigner Sir Terry Pratchett. Smeaton states:

    This motion will help to counter-act the inevitable media propaganda in favour of legalising assisted suicide which will almost certainly follow once Lord Falconer’s fake “commission” issues its report.

[Photo via Euthanasia Prevention Coalition]

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