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  • Wesley J. Smith says “I told you so”: Vermont has passed a single payer healthcare plan with no means to pay for it – and the media is suggesting “death with dignity” and rationing as a means of meeting this obligation.

  • Secular ProLife responds to abortion proponents’ insistence that pregnancy resource centers deceive women, despite evidence to the contrary. Abortion clinics greatly outnumber PRCs, so why is the abortion industry so threatened by them?
  • National ProLife Radio reports on Bella star Eduardo Verastegui’s efforts to help more women choose life. Eduardo started a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles called Mantle of Guadalupe, which serves one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods, consisting of predominantly Latino residents.
  • Vital Signs links to Live Action’s post on the “cruel and unusual punishment” of abortion – a method of death so heinous, our society wouldn’t even dream of it for a convicted murderer on death row.
  • Monte at Stand for Life shares his objections to fetal pain laws and the “incrementalist” approach to ending abortion.
  • John Smeaton dissects a Journal of Medical Ethics survey that found “nearly half of medical students believe in the right of doctors to conscientiously object to any procedure – with demand for a right not to perform a given procedure particularly high among Muslim students.
  • Lisa Graas posts Michael Janocik of Kentucky Right to Life’s response to a defense of Obamacare written by Sister Mary Schmuck (see page 5). Sister Schmuck is a member of the Sisters of Mercy and works for Catholic Charities of Louisville.
  • Mark Pickup points to Lady Gaga’s recent less-than-stellar idea of leaving her Sydney performance uninjured but in a wheelchair, strictly for shock value. According to some reports, Gaga’s fans were less than impressed and someone attempted to egg her. Mocking those with disabilities apparently did not make the grade.
  • ProLife NZ shares the story of Lynne Rowe, a woman born nearly 50 years ago with no limbs. See the evidence of her parents’ unconditional love:

    <p><a href=”” _mce_href=””>VIDEO: Extraordinary devotion</a></p> <p>

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