Three Louisiana abortion clinics cited for failure to report child rape

Three of Louisiana’s seven abortion clinics have been cited by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals for failure to report suspected child rape.

The LDHH complaints against Causeway Medical Clinic, Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge, and Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women (now shut down) were revealed in court documents filed June 15 by LDHH, the Louisiana Attorney General, the Louisiana Department of Justice, and Alliance Defense Fund to dismiss a 3rd* lawsuit waged by 5 Louisiana abortion mills challenging  Act 490, a law passed in June 2010 to enhance abortion clinic health and safety regulations with a “zero tolerance policy” for certain infractions.

Two of those clinics were among those reprimanded by LDHH for failing to report suspected child rape to authorities, as mandated by law.

Causeway Medical Clinic

LDHH investigators paid an unannounced visit to Causeway earlier this year, issuing its report on May 23.  Four medical records reviewed revealed minor girls ages 14-15 were given abortions with no report filed with the state.

Incredibly, unnamed Causeway “Administrator S1” admitted “there was no policy in the facility regarding mandatory reporting of abuse of minors as it relates to carnal knowledge, incest, or rape. S1 further indicated it had not been the practice at the facility to obtain the sexual history of minors regarding the age of the father of the unborn children to determine if reporting would be required as per Louisiana Law.”

So this abortion mill has NEVER reported ANY suspected child rapes to Louisiana authorities.

Other findings at Causeway:

  • One of the “Physician[s],” a term I always use loosely when speaking of abortionists, “had restrictions on his medical license that did not allow him to perform deliveries.” So this guy has committed such gross malpractice in the past that Louisiana authorities have banned him from delivering patients.
  • Patient confidentiality was lax: Aborting mothers had to sign in with first and last names that others could see.
  • Ack: The vaginal ultrasound probe was not cleaned properly between uses.

Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge

LDHH investigators paid an unannounced visit to Causeway earlier this year, issuing its report on  February 8. While Delta had a policy on hand to report suspected minor sexual abuse, one medical record reviewed revealed the boyfriend of a 15-yr-old patient was 18. He had committed statutory rape, but a report was never filed.

This facility also failed to ensure notarized parental consents were received for minor aborting patients, also in violation of Louisiana law.

Gentilly Medical Clinic for Women

Gentilly, a particular blight on the New Orleans community, was shut down May 26 under Louisiana’s new, aforementioned “zero tolerance” law for “significant health and safety risks to clients.”

A May 6 LDHH report gave more insight why.

Paramount was “there was no policy in the facility regarding mandatory reporting of abuse of minors…. [Administrator] S1 [i]indicated she would assume that the patient would automatically tell the physician if they had been raped. S1 indicated it had not been the practice of the facility to notify the police when age differences between the patient and the father of the unborn child revealed Misdemeanor or Felony Carnal Knowledge. S1 indicated she had not been aware of this law.”

So here was another abortion mill that had NEVER reported suspected child sexual abuse.

Other infractions found:

  • Contrary to Louisiana law mandating a 24-hr waiting period before abortions, several patient records reviewed showed late-term abortions – including minors – were initiated the same day as the consent was signed by insertion of laminaria into the mother’s cervix.
  • No licensed nurse on staff.
  • No current fire marshal inspection.
  • No recovery period: Patients were released as soon as their abortions were finished. “S1 confirmed these sedated patients had not been observed in the Recovery Room post procedure…. [T]he patients did not spend any time in Recovery Room.” Furthermore, “Observations… revealed the entrance to Gentilly… to be a spiral staircase leading to the clinic located on the second floor of the building” with “no elevator,” and there was “no documented evidence of the patient’s mode of transportation or the responsible party to whom the patient was discharged.” Most patients were given 5 milligrams of Valium by mouth and 25 milligrams of Demerol by injection before their abortions.

Why are abortion mills persistently and perpetually found to neglect their patients, subjecting them to significant health and safety risks?

* The 1st federal lawsuit filed by the 5 abortion mills was dismissed because it was filed in the wrong district; the 2nd was dismissed for lack of “ripeness” – no real case yet because there was no reasonable fear of LDHH moving against the Plaintiffs’ licenses, which these LDHH complaints corroborate.

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16 thoughts on “Three Louisiana abortion clinics cited for failure to report child rape”

  1. In light of the mandatory reporter issue, here is an interesting contrast to abortion mills. . .
    In any Catholic diocese in America, any adult (18 or over) who has any contact with minors (either as a volunteer or as an employee) is required to go through safe environment training (to recognize potential issues of concern and to help protect all children from any potential abuse situations). In the diocese where I work, there was recently added a special additional training about the mandatory reporter requirements under state law. Any volunteer or employee who has not had this additional training by a certain date cannot be involved with children in any Church-related event.
    So, for Catholics involved in Church ministry, even very minimal involvement with minors requires specific training and includes covering the mandatory reporting requirements. But, for abortionists and their staffs (who perform gynecological surgical procedures on minor girls)–there is lax awareness and no enforcement of state mandatory reporter laws. Yep. Our society truly is concerned about protecting minors from predators. (that is, unless they are getting an abortion?)


  2. None of this is really any surprise to pro-lifers.  When your “business” is the cruel dismembering, suctioning, and destroying of babies, then really, why bother with medical, legal or sanitary standards?  They are human butchers.  They don’t care about doing what’s right.


  3. Does anyone else remember being surprised when they heard about this sort of thing?  I do.  That was nice.

    I can still be disgusted, at least.  Not properly cleaning the ultrasound probe?  Gross, gross, gross, gross…


  4. Jen, hear hear.   Legalizing abortion guarantees it won’t be safe–certainly not for the baby.  I’m not surprised at these reports at all.  At least the good news is, thanks to bloggers and pro-life activitists, the truth is on full display.  With God in charge, we will prevail against the culture of death.


  5. Abortionists & their ilk are child predators & serial killers with credentials (well some of them). If they are aware of what they do, how can any other explanation be applied? How can they see the results & not be aware? Their blood lust is undeniable!


  6. Hooray for the Louisiann Attorney General.  Sounds like he would make a good US Attorney General


  7. I think one of the reasons Planned Parenthood decided to move away from locally operated abortion clinics toward mega-sized facilities is stuff like this. Even PP realizes that abortionists just can’t stop themselves from being who they are. They start out every way mediocre physicians, businesspersons, individuals…doing abortions makes them greedy and uncaring. Even with regulatory oversight stuff like this will continue to happen. Abortion is the reverse of professionalism.


  8. The Causeway abortion mill is where the Respect for Life group in my Parish goes to pray Rosaries on Saturdays.
    I’m going to make sure that all the faithful who go there to pray know about this issue.  It only helps to strengthen our resolve.
    Continue to pray, pray, pray, and do penance.  And for good measure elect pro-life people to public office.
    Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu (D), a nominal Catholic, is a big supporter of the abortion industry and therefore has blood on her hands.  I’ve written the Archbishop of New Orleans to ask what he intends to do about it.  I got no response.
    Senator Landrieu is up for re-election in 2014.  It’s time for her to be retired.  Louisiana needs to continue to work hard to reject once and for all the culture of death.


  9. I sadly just read where a woman at the PASS Boards was sharing her abortion experience and she told of horribly unsanitary conditions and how poorly she was treated when she got her abortion at a Planned Parenthood, she now has nightmares and hallucinations (PTSD, anyone?) I realize it just sounds like a pro-life propoganda piece, but sadly it’s not and this is a real woman who had a horribly traumatizing experience. Unfortuantly (we are finding by post-abortion women speaking out) there are a lot more Kermit Gosnells and shoddy abortion clinics out there then abortion rights activists would like to admit.


  10. I would like to believe this stuff is rare. However, it seems Abortion Clinics are grossly unregulated out of some effort of being politically correct. What are they really fighting for in the end? The death of innocent unborn humans? Mamma Mary pray for us…


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